Kirtan Love Fest 2.0 - Miami

  • Sunday, November 24, 2019
  • 5:00pm
  • Inhale Miami, Miami, FL
Kirtan Love Fest 2.0 – Miami
Wynne Paris and friends are back at Inhale for Kirtan Love Fest 2.0. Our first event was fantastic and we’ll be back for more fun on Sun 24th at Inhale Miami. about the artists:Wynne Paris is kirtan pioneer who has performed well over 2,000 kirtans. His grandmother was a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda and introduced Wynne to Bhakti in the mid 70’s, when he was a small child. After years of playing as a pro rock musicians, the seeds of Karma finally bore fruit in the mid 90’s, when he was invited to sit in for a kirtan with Amma the hugging saint. In 1997, Wynne began collaborating with Krishna Das and appears on several of his albums (Pilgrim Heart, All One, etc). Since then he has been a tireless proponent of chanting. His music has been featured on radio, tv and film. Wynne is also a cofounder of the Lovelight Yoga & Arts festival, which is the mid Atlantic’s grooviest (and largest) yoga gathering. MANTRA GROOVES is a Miami based electronic kirtan band that delivers spiritual music with a funky and electronic style. Led by Karen Thomas Gonzales, the Grooves take you to exalted places in the heart and beyond. RADHA & BENJAMIN are dynamic kirtan duo that are the owners of Lightrail Yoga and are devoted performers of Kirtan and yogis. Their kirtan features heartfelt vibes and high energy chants that invoke the ‘rasa’ or the feel of India and the ‘Bhava’ or the divine mood that’s created by chanting the sacred name. Benjamin is a skilled guitarist/singer and Radha leads the chanting and plays harmonium. MYSTIC MANTRA BAND performs traditional Kirtan and infuses world, folk, medicine, and tribal elements into their music.The band delivers a unique blending of vocal harmonies and instrumental sounds, using a mix of traditional Kirtan instruments along with percussion, Native American, and sound healing instruments to create an experience of connection with the heart and soul.The seeds for Mystic Mantra were planted in 2017. In a different incarnation, the band has performed at several venues including the Virginia Key Grassroots Festival and the South FL Yoga Expo. Band Members: Ivonne Hernandez -Harmonium, Kartals, Doumbek, Tamboura, Didgeridoo, Flute, Tambourine, Calabash Drum, Tibetan & Quartz Bowls, Gong, VocalsMalgorzata Biardzki -Harmonium, Kartals, Tambourine, Tibetan & Quartz Bowls, Native American Frame Drum, Gong, VocalsGrecia Garrett -Tablas, Mridangam, Kartals, Djembe, Cajon, Doumbek, Ocean Drum, Chimes, Rain Sticks, Shekere, Vocals advance tickets $20 through Brightstar tickets$30 at the door

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