Life Centered Therapy Year I Weekend I Training

  • Friday, October 4, 2019 - Sunday, October 6, 2019
  • 115 Worcester Ln, Waltham, MA
Life Centered Therapy Year I Weekend I Training
The Life Centered Therapy Year I Training invites you into an expansive integrative worldview from which we introduce you to our inclusive psycho-spiritual healing model, the Seven Steps for Transformation. You learn the complete Five Step Healing Process Protocol to heal trauma in order to help yourself and others to live the life you choose in the world. This training, which is 105 hours long, typically is broken out into one three day introductory weekend and 12 subsequent days as 4 three day weekends.   Weekend I of the Training, where you learn the fundamentals of the complete Five Step Healing Process Protocol and twenty Practices, can stand alone and also serves as the foundation for the rest of the Training. Continuing Education Units for Social Workers are pending.   During subsequent weekends, you learn how to work with archetypal themes that may be out of conscious awareness, such themes as neglect, betrayal, loss, violence… which are the foundation that can connect many different and seemingly unrelated intentions. Knowing how to work with these themes allows for more expanded and more powerful resolution of trauma. We will distinguish between patterns that describe the traumas themselves and patterns that describe how we protect and limit ourselves in reaction to traumas.    This training is intended for therapists, all those in the healing arts, and anyone deeply committed to their and others’ healing and growth.

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