Manifest Membership (Sing & Malay)

  • Saturday, December 31, 2022
  • 12:00am
Manifest Membership (Sing & Malay)

Become a part of the MANIFEST MEMBERSHIP today!

Inner evolution is not a one-time effort or a single step journey. It is a spiritual process that is ongoing and ever evolving. The exact purpose of the monthly Manifest Mystic Process Series is to nurture and support you on that inner journey.  Beyond learning how to live in a magnificent inner state during the Manifest Process, you also learn how to manifest the greatest gifts of life. You discover authentic fulfillment and achievement.

During each of the 3-hour Manifest Mystic Processes, Sri Preethaji leads you through processes, practices and wisdom that rewire neural brain patterns, rebalance body chemistry and transform limited perceptions.  This revolutionary series aims to liberate you from failures, obstacles and hardships. You may experience a personal connection with your divine and awaken to faith, courage and synchronicities.

Sri Preethaji is a masterful mystic who leads you into the playfield of divine energy and helps you manifest your heartfelt intentions. Each month you will have a powerful, transformative experience to look forward to, as Sri Preethaji awakens you to a new gift in your Consciousness, a gift you absolutely need.

This membership will take care of your spiritual wellbeing and uplift you for the entire year. In addition to the monthly Manifest Mystic Process Series, all members will also have access to:
– An exclusive Ekam Ceremony
– Ekam Yoga Practice taught directly by the faculty from India
– Ekam Chanting Lessons to connect to ancient healing reverberations
– Special collective Ekam Prayer & Ekam Deeksha to benefit from the synergy generated by all the members

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive the gifts of the membership, while having your Inner Evolution fully supported and tended to.

You may choose either a 6 or 12 month membership, of either the standard or premium plan.  The premium plan includes two 90-minute follow-up calls with Ekam faculty following each Manifest. 

You can become a part of the Manifest Membership at any time.  Your membership term commences from the first Manifest process following your membership purchase date. 

Login details for each Manifest, as well as details for additional membership benefits, will be sent to your registration email.  Generally, Manifest processes begin at 8:30 am PST / 11:30 am EST / 4:30 pm GMT for the West or 6:30 am IST / 9:00 am Singapore / 10:00 am Tokyo

Manifest Calendar 2021
January 24 – The Health Manifest
February 28 – The Soulmate Manifest
March 28 – The Intelligence Manifest
April 25 – The Flow Manifest
May 23 – The Wealth Manifest
June 20 – The Love Manifest
July 11 – The Courage Manifest
August 08 – The Divine Manifest
September 12 – The Achievement Manifest
October 10 – The Vision Manifest
November 14 – The Parenting Manifest
December 12 – The New Year Manifest

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