Manifest Soulmate

  • Sunday, February 28, 2021
  • 9:00am
Manifest Soulmate


A Mystical Process led by Sri Preethaji

Sunday, February 28th
am – 12:00 pm SGT

During this powerful three-hour global Manifest, Sri Preethaji will lead us on a sacred insightful journey into understanding the true meaning and essence of love. All participants, whether currently in relationship or not, will receive these powerful gifts:

– A beautiful transformation of current relationships into soulmates for each other
– Your neurochemistry impacted to allow you to experience the love you seek
– Drawing your soulmate to you, no matter where they are in the world

Sri Preethaji will connect us with the immeasurable power of the DIVINE in the Limitless Field Meditation, where miracles happen at the sub-cellular level to awaken our hearts to authentic, soul level love.

About Sri Preethaji ~

Sri Preethaji is a modern mystic who has led millions on a profound journey into consciousness, helping them find the healing, joy, relationships, and purpose they are seeking.

MANIFEST is a powerful, three-hour online process that will Awaken your Consciousness to love with your Soul Mate. 

Gather your families, friends, and soul circles and receive the gifts that await you Sunday, February 28th!


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