Mantra Medicine with Michelle Coutinho

  • Thursday, August 11, 2022 - Sunday, September 11, 2022
Mantra Medicine with Michelle Coutinho

Open your channel to fully access and embody the Voice of Your Soul.

This is 45-min of video content broken into 6 weekly modules.
You will learn 7 beautiful mantra chants to attune with your voice + your soul! 

What You Will Receive

⇻ 6 Weekly Video Teachings and Video breakdown of the mantras
⇻ Audio Bundles of handpicked mantras by top sacred music artists
⇻ Personally recorded audios from Michelle to help you practice
⇻ 7 high vibration spiritual mantra chants to be in communion with
⇻ Insights into deepening your own spiritual practices
⇻ Easy To Follow PDFs with transcriptions, translations, and teachings
⇻ Vocal Alchemy + Embodiment Practices to take into your life
⇻ Healing Transmissions from Michelle

Each week you will receive a video on a specific mantra that will set the energetic container as our spiritual practice for that week. You will also receive a Mantra Breakdown of what the chant means and instructions on how to be in communion with that particular chant.

There are teachings on how to use our voices for healing, why mantra is so important, and how to become an embodiment of prayer woven throughout the weekly videos.

Dive deep into seven sacred
mantra chants to allow them to
work their M E D I C I N E
into your S O U L

Week 1: Asato Ma

This Mantra is our opening. It is one of the first that awakened me into the new reality of what mantra transmission can be. It is a universal mantra and has no religious affiliation. It literally asks to be brought from the limited to the limitless. I can not wait to share it with you!

Week 2: Om Namah Shivaya Guravye

A Mantra to Shiva, an aspect of the divine masculine, that honors the eternal teacher within each one of us. This sacred transmission is one of the sweetest offerings that is sometimes found in longer prayer rituals. Truly enchanting, deeply sincere, and opening.

Week 3: Gayatri Mantra

Oh my goodness. The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest universal chants that bows in deep reverence to the source of all life and speaks to the sun as a feminine force of creation. This prayer is complex, but studying it is such a blessing and a true gift.

Week 4: Adi Shakti

Let’s get primal with the Ancient Feminine. Adi Shakti is the first force of all creation. Connected to Gayatri and an extension of this feminine transmission. Such potency in honoring and attuning with the primal force that created us all and connects us to the ocean and all of the sacred waters on earth.

Week 5: Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu

Bring on the TEACHERS! I bow to LIFE as my sacred teacher. This is a divine masculine transmission with honoring the creative, sustaining, and destructive forces of the masculine principle and asks us to be aware enough so that we may be conscious enough to recognize these forces in every aspect of our lives.

Week 6: Hare Krishna / Lokah

CELEBRATION! Two mantras in this last week! One to celebrate love, creation, and have a party. And the other to take all of the energies we have cultivated and send them as blessings into the cosmos to heal all sentient beings in the universe, and all the universes.

This course will teach you to use prayer, invocation, ritual, and sound to deepen your relationship to your voice, your soul, and your authentic self expression!

Over 6-weeks together we will explore..


The particular medicine and frequency of each mantra will connect us to our TRUE ALIGNMENT a state of inner harmony, balance, and attunement with who we REALLY ARE. You will open your voice with these mantra chants.


You will also learn several energy healing and clearing practices by using your voice to chant and learn what it means to let yourself be sung through in order to be a channel for healing.


If you already are a sound healer or are wanting to deepen your ability to sing with your sound healing instruments — then this medicine journey is for you!

You will learn the art of invocation through prayer and song and awaken and enliven your voice + daily spiritual practice within our sacred healing container.

When We Sing Mantra
We Are Opening to a Field of Grace.

When we do our spiritual practices ritualistically and with DEEP DEVOTION + DISCIPLINE we live in a feeling of SURRENDER and we sense a field of GRACE carry us through the decisions we have to make in our lives!

Because you know that every time you DROP IN WITH YOURSELF you hear the voice of your inner guidance so distinctly, that you begin to trust yourself more, follow-through and act on your divine inspirations, and ACTIVATE THE TRUEST EXPRESSION OF YOUR SOUL.

So let us COMMUNE with each other in this gorgeous online Temple space that we will create together.

May we gather together to raise our voices, and honor and amplify our SACRED SELF EXPRESSION.

Michelle Coutinho is a Teacher, Healer, and Vocal Empowerment Coach who has been practicing and sharing the art of Mantra chanting for the past 10 years. She has personally worked with and been trained by many teachers of Bhakti Yoga such as Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Nina Rao, Dave Stringer, Suzanne Sterling, Sianna Sherman, and Paul Temple.

Michelle helps her clients and students build self trust, activate their voices, clear karma, heal ancestral trauma, and deepen their relationships with themselves, their inner power, and with Spirit. She is also a featured teacher on Insight Timer offering weekly transmissions and dharma talks, Vocal Alchemy for Chakra Clearing.

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