Mastering Awakened Conversations

  • Sunday, November 7, 2021
  • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Mastering Awakened Conversations

Mastering Awakened Conversations

Skills for Transforming our Relationships and our World.

This Master class is the first in a series that addresses a broad range of relationships and challenges, drawing on the spiritual-psycho-neurological evolution of our species for creating greater peace within ourselves, our tribe, and our world.


If you are reading this, you are likely an Advanced Soul.

Advanced Souls have been working on themselves for a while. They understand what boundaries are and the value of a spiritual connection. However, despite their work and knowledge, they may still find themselves disappointed and hurt in their relationships and may have even felt the need to cut important people out of their life. This choice may have felt appropriate and perhaps even necessary, it didn’t feel good. It isn’t in alignment with the values of Love and Oneness. AND . . .

It definitely didn’t bring peace.


You just wanted to help . . .

You may be someone who finds themselves in difficult conversations with individuals who are carrying a lot of pain. Advance Souls often attract the soul-wounded and many of us are committed to being the change we want to see in the world.

Learn a new approach to being in conversations that can facilitate healing without giving unsolicited advice, while also protecting yourself from the onslaught of emotion, anger, and blame.


Why can’t we fix this?

Perhaps the most painful situation Advanced Souls deal with is disharmony in our intimate relationships. Having the same fight over and over again. Feeling unheard. Seeing yourself devolve into behaviors you are ashamed of. Feeling wounded and thus betrayed by the person you trust the most. If we have found a new awareness through spiritual and therapeutic development (counseling), why do we still have these problems??


What is becoming clear is that a shift in consciousness is not enough. Neither is traditional talk therapy and relationship counseling.

What we need is to shed the counterproductive skills taught to us by the unAwakened culture that we were born into.


In this Masterclass, you will learn the skills for having conversations that can transform relationships      no matter how difficult or how unAwakened the other person might be.


Learn How To:

  • Transform difficult relationships
  • Turn arguments into healing moments
  • Stand strong and peaceful in the face of others’ pain and attacks


Improve your personal life:

  • Intimate relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Work relationships
  • Inner peace


Make a difference in the world:

Learn the advanced tools to bring change on a social level by healing and improving relationships between genders, political groups, and races.


If you have felt frustrated, stuck, or heartbroken that you haven’t been able to manifest the Peace, Joy, and Love that you know is your Divine-right, then you are prime for this revolutionary work!



  • This Masterclass will be held virtually on Zoom. The link will be provided 24 hours before the event.
  • Breaks and opportunities to move will be built into the program.



Please pay at the appropriate level

  • Regular Admission ticket
    • If you do not qualify for either of the 2 categories below, you should pay at this level.
  • Inner Circle Patron ticket
    • If you are a client of mine, you will receive special pricing for you and up to 2 *friends.
  • VIP Bonus ticket
    • If you are a client of mine & have made a commitment to the 6 month or 1 year program, you may use one of your bonuses to get 2 free tickets to this event for you and a *friend.

*Friends must be new to this work, not a current client, have attended less than 4 groups.

If you have any questions or would like more information on becoming an Inner Circle Patron or a VIP, please email us @



Kaya Hewitt is a teacher, healer, and counselor. For 30 years she had a private practice in Kansas City as a holistic health coach. She has trained in India as an Awakening Facilitator and has been leading consciousness-expanding retreats and courses since 2012. She recently graduated with her Master’s in clinical mental health counseling from Northwestern University. She specializes in working with Advanced souls and Lightworkers assisting them in taking their healing and personal development to the next level through the integration of ancient tools and modern science. She is currently working on her book Awakened EQ based on this work.


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