Merging Polarities: Kristen Valentina/Lloyd Barde

  • Saturday, August 12, 2023
  • 12:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Jackson WellSprings , Ashland, OR
Merging Polarities: Kristen Valentina/Lloyd Barde
"Merging Polarities" with Kristen Sofia Valentina and Lloyd Barde
  This workshop, co-created and co-hosted by Kristen Sofia Valentina and Lloyd Barde, is an invitation to expand, deepen, release and bring more presence into your experience. 
  With a wide array of experiential activities, both inwardly and as part of the circle, we’re inviting men and women to share the space of curiosity and openly designed offerings.
  This human gathering will allow for, bring to light and uncover new ways to receive, wonder, claim and embody your own innate wisdom, desire body & newfound curiosity. As we drop the limiting mental constructs that often contradict or confuse what the heart knows, we’ll become aware of unlimited possibilities of how to engage and express ourselves openly with full support and receptivity to share and see each other as equals.
  This constructive, purposeful “collapsing” of the tendencies to hide, hold back or diminish our inherent beauty and ability to receive others as equals is where “curiosity is the cure”.
  Activities will range from quietude to interactive exercises that invite our knowing ourselves and coming forth, intimately with expansion and new levels of confident expression.
This uniquely designed workshop of Self-Discovery includes:
• How to create more space to embrace yourself and others
• How to Invite inquiry and discovery: communicating without agenda or defense
• Thresholds of intensity that are allowed to move through peacefully
• Living from the inside, where there are no sides or reasons to hide!
• Dropping defense mechanisms when outcomes are not fixed or known
• Seeking clarity within and releasing war and reactive opposition as protection
• How to meet yourself anew via mirror work
• How to infuse your needs, put yourself first, clear away P’s & Q’s (preludes & qualifiers)
• How to move into curiosity and receiving with RelaxPansion
Learn about the Body of Work of RelaxPansion, its principles & applications
• Yes, thank you and No, please
• How Curiosity is the Cure: what it means to be living in Wonder
• Stand your Ground …. and Surrender every inch
• How to release patterned behavior (Oh No! Not that again!)
• How to make decisions (via time travel!!)
• Receiving is the opposite of efforting (doing nothing, with presence & attunement)
• Dreaming on the Earth, grounded, engaged, curious and open to fully receive your life
• Everything is a Reason to Open Your Heart; Nothing is a reason to close your Heart
** August 12 is a Saturday, from 12:30-5:30. Registration $75.00 (nobody turned away for lack of funds: invite a friend, spread the word, co-create the group). Jackson WellSprings. Ltd to 20 persons **

"Merging the Emerging Polarities" – All are Welcome!!
For info, questions or to sign up & register, please call: 541-631-8399 (Kristen) or 415-847.1144 (Lloyd).

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