• Friday, August 4, 2023 - Monday, August 7, 2023
  • Shasta Camp - United Methodist, Mount Shasta, CA

We are men, upgrading our relationships with women to True Love, by doing the inner work of uniting the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within ourselves. 


…feeling a blissful wholeness in yourself that automatically attracts and sustains a passionateTrue Love relationship. This will be the outcome of uniting your inner Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies learned in our Retreat.  As men, we will  learn an ancient ritual that blissfully embodies our divine union of the opposites, and we will come ALIVE with drumming, dancing, hiking, enjoying waterfalls, and join with women for healing and joyous rituals to live music. 
Have you ever wondered why your relationship with the opposite sexual energy has been so challenging? It’s because that challenge is happening INSIDE of you. Here, there is a clear path of transforming feelings of separateness into blissful union.  You need not ever fall out of love again!  Come to this retreat to have your sacred soul marriage for a permanent life change into True Love, the main  key to incredible abundance!

Women who would like to join with the men for healing and celebration, contact Hilda at (628) 243-2373.

In this Mt. Shasta Forest Retreat, you will…

  • celebrate how awesome it is to be a MAN, the sex our souls chose this life. This will include letting go of shame. God doesn’t make mistakes!

  • do spiritual psychology work to get free of the "mother wound" and the "father wound". 

  • understand and transmute the wounded/dark masculine into the divine masculine.  

  • discover exactly how you subconsciously created conflict with the opposite sexual energy (first within yourself), and how to shift that conflict into peace and passion.

  • study (from a higher perspective, brought to us from enlightened Masters) humanity’s history of sexual energy, how to heal sexual trauma, and truly enjoy wholesome sex. 
  • be given a most natural and beautiful tool that heals sexual energy imbalance, so your new sense of wholeness no longer attracts drama in your relationships.

  • learn the missing secret key to the Divine Masculine, not said in other men’s circles. 
  • be educated how to revive True Love in your own energy field that attracts True Love relationships!

  • meet with women on Sunday (women who are completing their retreat on healing their relationship with the masculine) for powerful healing rituals and fun!




is a renowned Intuitive and President of the I AM University of Spiritual Psychology at Mount Shasta, California. He is a certified Yoga Instructor and trained in a large variety of healing modalities. Joa holds two Masters Degrees in Spiritual Psychology and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. He is a BreathPlay instructor, creator of the I AM Breath, and the Freedom-Code Quantum Healing system. Joa has been meeting in Men’s groups for 35 years, which has helped him heal and celebrate his masculinity. 



is a multi-modality energy healer, Toltec Nagual Shaman in Training, poet, singer, song-writer, and founder of Lucid Lighthouse and Innerstate 1111. 




is a transformational life coach specializing in confidence building and allowing the inner wisdom of the individual to shine through bringing out the authentic self in one’s life.
Drawing upon his experience in education, acting, hypnotherapy, philosophy, physical fitness, adventure guiding and life coaching, Daniel employs a wholistic method in coaching, facilitating a diverse, balanced approach that allows the client to create confidence and belief that they are a worthy person capable and important in whatever their authentic self deems as the next step in their path.


HILDA CORELL (Aihzarra Magdalene) 

Hilda will be cofacilitating women joining the men for healing rituals on Sunday. She is the creator of Soorya Natural Health and Temple Keeper of The Chalice Temple of Ashland, Oregon. Her specialities are Ayurveda, Natural Medicine, Kundalini Yoga, Egyptian Cosmology, Oracle Readings and Divine Union Alchemy. ( Originally from Spain, Aihzarra Magdalene comes from a family lineage of healers descending from Mexico with Native Shamanic influences.





JahSun fuses elements of folk, rock, psychedelic, funk, jazz, R&B and more to weave a musical web of infinite possibilities that he describes as psychedelic family music. Improvisation ensures each song retains a quality of freshness and enchantment while allowing listeners a place to land “home” every time. 





Alyssa Narum is a singer/songwriter based out of Mt. Shasta. She started her musical career in Operatic performance, receiving a Bachelors and Masters in Vocal performance from the University of North Texas and Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Recently, Creator guided her to many sacred spaces where the spirit of the land and the ancestors of this land assisted her into finding more of her true voice. Now she is committed to sharing her authentic voice with the world and helping others with their musical and spiritual endeavors. 


Mitchell Miller’s roots are from Savannah GA. He went to school at UW-Milwaukee for fingerstyle guitar, played with a band, The Mercers, playing guitar, bass, and vocals for 4 years before moving out to Mt. Shasta. Currently he plays in the ceremonial band known as WaterLove. 




Greetings Beloved Brothers!

My name is Joa Janakoayas. 
I have been on the spiritual path of healing and life empowerment since I had a near death experience in 1976.
Today I am founder and senior educator of the I AM University of Spiritual Psychology in Mount Shasta, California. 

I’m here today to ask you to take a moment to go deeply into your heart and ask:

How are my relationships with women?

We all have had our moments of heartache and suffering from our relationships with women.
This has created wounds in our energy field and even our physical bodies. 

And probably you have asked yourself these questions:

  • Why am I attracting unavailble women, or women who disrespect me? 

  • How can I not be run by my sexual energy?

  • How can I switch the way I am seen by women?

  • How can my love be better appreciated and enjoyed? 

  • How can I enjoy passion with my partner for the long term?

The time has come to initiate the healing between the masculine and feminine within and without to shift conflict to peace and sadness to joy in our relationships. 

Did you know?…

  • Nearly 50% of all marriages in the US end in divorce or separation.

  • 58% of Americans consider their breakup ‘dramatic/messy’.

  • The number of single people in America has increased sharply during the last 3 decades, and the greatest increase was with men.

  • About 80 percent of men use pornography regularly, and often behind their partner’s back.
    Ask any woman how she feels about that.

  • Women are frustrated that men won’t do the inner work to sustain a happy relationship. Brother, are you one of those men?

Do you believe it is great to be single?

Well I agree with this attitude, but Pew Research says something different. The average man in the US looses $21,000 per year when he becomes single. This is not a payment from the government. Single men simply make way less money. That’s over $100,000 in 5 years!

Why is this?

I believe when we have a loving relationship in our life versus not, we feel a greater sense of belonging and purpose, like having a family to feed, a partner to share meals, recreation, and travel.

In my past, I had it backwards, like so many men. I valued my career over my partner, and this caused feelings of abandonment and emptiness in my marriage. Now I realize the truth of the saying, “Behind every successful man is a woman that loves him." Nowadays it can happen oppositely, a woman out making the money while the man holds the love for her at home. The point here is being IN LOVE is what brings us the greatest abundance. When we have someone to share our love with, we become more motivated to build an awesome life.

If you feel inspired to have better relationships with the feminine, come do your inner work with us. When we do it together, our healing is amplified, affecting men around the planet. 

With little love in my life, like so many men, I have encountered burn-out in my career because I lost the meaning of it all. This statement by Albert Schweitzer describes a major paradigm shift the masculine is going through today:

Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.

Many of us men were conditioned to believe "success is the first priorirty." While obsessed with meeting our goals, we became no fun to be with. As long as we were disconnected from our feminine side, we were miserably out of balance, it’s no wonder our relationsips weren’t lasting..
We need to take better care of ourselves, and see our partner and our friends as precious as gold.

Imagine healing your relationship with the divine feminine inside yourself, so you would not be tempted to act-out in unhealthy ways again.

It is a spiritual truth…

Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. 

This means if you are feeling disconnected with the feminine within yourself, you will find women to be unavailable. Once your inner masculine and feminine come into consistent harmony, you can finally attract that with a beautiful soulmate.  

Whether you are struggling in a relationship, or single and haven’t cracked the code of how to have a happy relationship, this retreat will facilitate a very deep shift in how you relate with yourself and feminine energy – from that of disconnection and conflict to wholeness and harmony. First, you will learn how to be a more balanced and happier person!

A portion of the work is spiritually channeled from the Ascended Master Saint Germain and Master Tobias, and the enlightened solution that blissfully unifies our sexual energies comes from the Goddess Isis.

Rest assured we are not becoming androgynous, but the masculine needs to adjust itself to this rising feminine energy that’s been repressed for so long. We need to put an end to the gender wars, and that begins with harmonizing the masculine with the feminine within ourselves. 

Let’s face it, men and women have been betraying each other since time immemorial, and this includes the masculine and feminine energies in gay couples. The healing begins with learning how to harmonize the masculine and feminine within ourselves.

Come to this retreat to experience true love that rejuvenates your body and mind and allows a true love experience with your soulmate.

Before we fill to the capacity of 50 men, you might want to register now! 



Our venue is located on over twenty beautiful acres surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest about two miles from Castle Lake. Situated above Castle Lake is Heart Lake, an energy Vortex, where one can experience breathtaking views of Mt. Shasta.
The land is magical and sacred and has a creek running through it. The camp has easy walking trails allowing guests to experience the joy and beauty of forests, meadows, and trails, as well as a fire circle for late night ceremony and music.


Camping & Dormitory on site. There is ample camping space as well as car/van camping and some small RV space available. The camp also offers a dormitory with capacity of max. 10 people. There are clean showers and bathrooms. The location is a hidden gem. 

Need Lodging? 

If you are looking for options other than on site at the venue, there are a wide variety of options about 15 minutes away in Mount Shasta City. Check for availability on Airbnb.

The spring/summer is high traffic season here and places book up fast! Please make reservations ASAP.

The Chamber of Commerce has the most extensive website listing different types of accommodations:

Chamber of Commerce:

Additional Suggestions:

Mount Shasta Resort:

Inn at Mount Shasta:

Best Western:




Arrival, Registration, Set up Camp
Drumming, Meditation, Opening Prayer Ceremony, Creating a safe container. “Taking off the mask.” 
(a tool of authentic relating)
Healing the Father Wound
What’s it like to relate to women?
Sound Bath with JahSun

Marriage of the Opposites (sexual energy education for healing the internal division between the masculine and feminine to discover embodied unity)
continue Marriage of the Opposites 
Transformational Breathwork
Ecstatic Dance with DJ Dolphin-Play  

Yoga with Joa
Healing the Mother Wound
What is the Divine Masculine? 
Mountain Adventure Tour to waterfalls and lakes
Healing Touch, Body-Work, Energy Healing
Women arrive to practice Ascension Meditation with the men. 
Dinner together
Healing Rituals between the sexes 
Drumming and singing around the campfire

Breakfast and Pack-up
What is True Love? How to anchor it, to attract a soulmate. 
Closing Ritual


  • Teachings, Coaching and Healing
  • Live music! 
  • On site camping, limited lodging and clean bathrooms with showers
  • 9 organic vegetarian meals
  • Mountain adventure tour


Text Joa at 530-925-6770

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