Neda Boin - a weekend in Ashland: Concert, Voice Liberation workshop

  • Friday, October 20, 2023 - Sunday, October 22, 2023
  • Jackson WellSprings , Ashland, OR
Neda Boin – a weekend in Ashland: Concert, Voice Liberation workshop
We’re beyond elated to announce NEDA BOIN will be visiting & performing a Concert (10-20 7:30 pm) & offering a Voice Liberation workshop (10-22 12:30-5:00) (plus House Concert) in Ashland, OR on weekend of Oct 20-23.
   Neda has become my "favorite new artist" over the past year, with a stunning, deeply felt & truly inspired gathering of songs on her Deluxe 80-pg Book "Remember You’re Dreaming" (+free CD).
   So I’ve gracefully invited her to Ashland for a Friday eve "Intimate concert", Sunday afternoon "Voice Liberation workshop" and Monday evening House Concert (location tba). This "triple-header" will introduce you to an extraordinary artist who sings from the heart, with the voice of a true angel, & feelings that encompass the listener (songs inspired by "A Course in Miracles").
   Neda, literally meaning ‘Inner Voice’ in Farsi, is a singer-songwriter who writes and sings music from and for the heart. Her touching, warm and soulful songs open hearts, touch the soul and bring many people to tears.
   When Neda was 17 years old she toured through the slums and tribes of Kenya, with a show about HIV and Aids. The year after she went to India to research child prostitution and perform her song about women’s rights. After that she hitchhiked from Netherlands all the way to South Africa, a 25,000 km journey across 17 countries. It is safe to say that Neda, who is half Dutch half Persian and born and raised in The Netherlands, is an adventurous artist and storyteller. After her successful ‘4 chair turn blind audition’ on the popular TV show in Holland “The Voice”, she realized there was a much deeper calling in her heart. She reconnected with God unlike she had ever done before and vowed to only make music that would remind people of the love they truly are & the love that God truly is.
In 2018, she released her first album, "The Light Has Come". All songs contain lyrics from workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles.
   Neda doesn’t just share her songs to reach people’s hearts; she has also been giving workshops in juvenile prison for over 8 years and has traveled around the globe using music as a tool for healing with her "Voice Liberation" workshops.
  Neda just released her new album, "Remember You’re Dreaming" the #1 album of 2022-2023 from Lloyd Barde’s Heartbeats Music. The album has a warm & organic sound and the songs tell of Neda’s own journey from darkness to light. Neda wrote all of the songs by herself on the piano, & it is produced by multi grammy award winning producer Joby Baker. It features 3 major artists; Deva Premal, Alexia Chellun & Mike Love.
   It’s an absolute thrill & truly a dream to host NEDA BOIN in October in Ashland. Plan accordingly, spread the word near & far and listen to these songs: "Remember You’re Dreaming w/Mike Love" & "Lead the Way" (w/Deva Premal)  * Remember You’re Dreaming *

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