OLOX - NeoShamanic Concert: Arctic Sound Journey

  • Friday, April 26, 2019
  • 8:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, CA
OLOX – NeoShamanic Concert: Arctic Sound Journey
Olox is a musical collaboration that integrates traditional shamanic traditions from the arctic circle with modern electronic music and world rhythms. Bringing together ancient roots with modern music creates a bridge that is both uniquely transformative and reconnecting. So much excitement to bring OLOX to Ashland April 26-27 — a prelude to their appearance at RELAXPANSION FEST June 21-22 at Jackson WellSprings. You’ll be amazed and transformed… Olox are glad to share with you an enthralling trip into the mysterious, enigmatic spiritual world of The People of the Far North – The Sakha People, who’s beliefs include that all the Universe is divided into three worlds: The Higher (Overhead) the Middle and the Lower. Zarina Kopyrina is a walker between worlds. A verifiable enigma, often baffling and mesmerizing her audiences with profound vocal ranges from the primal chaos of underworld creatures, to soaring heights of birds and angels. Adept at overtone throat singing, reindeer breath and mouth harp, she effortlessly lulls people into non-ordinary states of trance and healing. She grew up in a small village of 900 people in Arctic Siberia and remembers from 3 years old, singing traditional songs and talking to animals. In 2012, a Tungus Siberian shaman blessed her with permission to play the shamanic drum and sing sacred songs. Based in LA, Zarina has travelled all over the world offering mind blowing concerts and instructional workshops. Zarina and Andreas Jones have founded the OLOX Project, an electro-shamanic music project which bridges traditional knowledge with modern technologies.  the OLOX project – the bridge between ancestral wisdom and new generations, traditional knowledge married to new technology. The musical content of the creative unio­n of Andreas Jones & Zarina Kopyrina blows­ the mind. And they are coming to Ashland…info: 541.488.8282 With the flexibility to offer Acoustic Live performances, Ecstatic Dance, Electronic Music, Sound Healing — all in immersive unfoldings, OLOX brings live concerts and follow-up workshops of the highest vibration on grounded earth-based planes. The Saturday Concert/Workshop of “Participatory Sound Healing” with OLOX will immerse you into practices that have been used by first peoples to attain altered states and communicate with the spirit world.  Drawing from deep wisdom of the Sakha people of the far north, the ceremonial journey will move through the three worlds:  The Lower, the Middle and the Higher. This Special Workshop will be held 4/27 at 2:00-5:00 pm in  Casbah at Jackson WellSprings. Concert or Workshop admission is separate; comb0 ticket w/discount allow entrance to both! Watch and listen to OLOX here: (info: 541.488.8282) https://youtu.be/A_MJBSC_W3g- Olox performed for the President of Russia  https://youtu.be/99L6tqTFQAk-   Olox Arctic Sound healing  https://youtu.be/kA-78ZAWkp4-  Olox Arctic Ecstatic dance  OLOX IS A REFLECTION of trinity of the uniform world through a sound projection of reality of the modern world, through the creative union risen by net energy of the South, North, East, West unity, through the expressive feelings and ideas, rhythms and intonations of various most ancient ethnic musical instruments passed through centuries of various people of the world through exchange of information about sense and pristine nature of the sound. OLOX IS A BALANCE – created from three points – trinity corresponds to words – creation, justice, prudence, moderation. OLOX IS A COMBINATION of experience of the past, living in the present and desirable future of people of all existing races, nationalities, religious and other faiths. Low sound vibrations of the LOWER world reflect passing of experience of the person through knowledge of a tangible material world, accompanied with illusory emotional experiences of the whole range of fears: fear of death, fear of loss of close people, fear of loneliness, fear of loss of control of the events which generate mistrust, hatred, cruelty & sets of various phobias from a lack of knowledge & integrated development. Sound vibrations of the MEDIUM world – the world of duality – search of truth – are reflected through knowledge of female and male energies, darkness and light. Duality is conflictual and generates contradictions, rivalry, desire through revolution to express new ideological, high-quality, intrinsic determination. Duality has enormous potential of disclosure and development of creative abilities of the person leading to evolution. Frequency of sound vibrations of the HIGHER world opens and shows in us: love, harmony, balances, virtue, compassion, wisdom, also directs to achievement of enlightenment. The NEW DIRECTION in music, ultra progressive transformational style which was born through integration of ethnic cultures of the South, North, East, West, breaking any borders and contradictions both in consciousness of a person, and in the existing world. HARMONIOUS TEXTURE of rhythms, voice and traditional instruments with innovative electronic technologies. SALUTARY IMPACT of high-frequency vibrations on a psychoemotional condition of a person, reveals various levels of consciousness and subconsciousness through change of rhythm and frequency of sounds, lifts on higher step of development of body, soul and spirit. ACTIVATES deep knowledge of human nature (DNA) and the Universe through power information signals.

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