Olox returns to Ashland: Concert & Workshop February 22-23

  • Saturday, February 22, 2020 - Sunday, February 23, 2020
  • The Havurah Synagogue, Ashland, OR
Olox returns to Ashland:  Concert & Workshop February 22-23
So much excitement to bring OLOX back to Ashland 2-22-2020 Concert, 2-23 Workshop!  You’ll be amazed, transformed, moved & inspired at the deepest level  Full Concert Sat evening 2-22-2020 at The Havurah!! There’s nothing like OLOX in Concert! Olox is a musical collaboration that integrates traditional shamanic traditions from the arctic circle with electronic music and world rhythms. Bringing together ancient roots with modern music creates a bridge that is both uniquely transformative & reconnecting.    Olox are glad to share with you an enthralling trip into the mysterious, enigmatic spiritual world of The People of the Far North – The Sakha People, who believe that all the Universe is divided into three worlds: The Higher (Overhead) the Middle and the Lower.    Zarina Kopyrina is a walker between worlds. A verifiable enigma, often baffling and mesmerizing her audiences with profound vocal ranges from the primal chaos of underworld creatures, to soaring heights of birds and angels. Adept at overtone throat singing, reindeer breath and mouth harp, she effortlessly lulls people into non-ordinary states of trance and healing. She grew up in a small village of 900 people in Arctic Siberia and remembers from 3 years old, singing traditional songs and talking to animals. In 2012, a Tungus Siberian shaman blessed her with permission to play the shamanic drum and sing sacred songs. Zarina has travelled all over the world offering mind blowing concerts and instructional workshops. Zarina and Andreas Jones have founded the OLOX Project, an electro-shamanic music project which bridges traditional knowledge with modern technologies: the OLOX project – the bridge between ancestral wisdom and new generations, traditional knowledge married to new technology. The musical content of the creative unio­n of Andreas Jones & Zarina Kopyrina blows­ the mind. And they are returning to Ashland after their extraordinary December visit …      With the flexibility to offer Acoustic Live performances, Ecstatic Dance, Electronic Music, Sound Healing – all in immersive unfoldings, OLOX brings live concerts and follow-up workshops of the highest vibration on grounded earth-based planes.    A Special Workshop will be held 2/23 at 10:30 am-12:30 pm at Jackson WellSprings (Community room). This workshop will introduce you to some of the ancient songs and rituals of the shamanic arctic Siberian Sakha people. Shamanic sound healing has been used by first peoples to attain altered states and communicate with the spirit world. This workshop will introduce you to moving through and working with the three worlds: The Lower, the Middle and the Higher. You will explore the traditional song Toyuk of the Shamanic Arctic Siberian Sakha communities, a reindeer breath work (arctic throat beat-box), the sounds of northern birds and animals, and learn how to dance sacred geometry dance called "Pattern" and traditional Northern people’s dance. Closing the workshop, we will join in the ancient collective Salama ceremony connecting to universal energy and putting our prayers together for the earth and for all beings to have healing.   Concert (at The Havurah) for $22 advance or Workshop (at The Wellsprings) for $33 and admission is separate; combo ticket w/discount for $50 allows entrance to both!  Advance tickets at The Music Coop downtown Ashland; Online tickets here:  for more info: 541.488.8282  … Online tickets here: https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/olox-neoshamanism-concert-and-workshop  Watch and Listen here:   Olox performed for President of Russia   https://youtu.be/A_MJBSC_W3g  Olox Arctic Sound healing  https://youtu.be/99L6tqTFQAk  Olox Arctic Ecstatic dance  https://youtu.be/kA-78ZAWkp4

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