Online spiritual retreat - The Mystical I

  • Sunday, May 16, 2021
  • 10:00am
Online spiritual retreat –  The Mystical I

This is an online retreat on awakening to your True Self. The focus will be on discovering your self as the mystical I, as well as  investigating, de-constructing and weakening the false Ego self.  Both aspects are important to awaken and embody your truth as the formless infinite Consciousness, as the divine child of God.

The duration of the course is 6 weeks with one 3 hour session per week. The online session will be for 3 hours every Sunday morning.  We will practice the lessons and inquires shared during the online session,  for the rest of the week,



  • Self Inquiry – Who AM I,  What AM I , Where AM I
  • Am I the body
  • Am I the mind
  • Exploring Space and Time.
  • Recognizing that there is no "External world"
  • The world as a Living Dream in Consciousness
  • The myth of Volition or individual will

*De-constructing and weakening the Ego

  • Identification – the life of the ego
  • Desire and Fear as barriers to awakening
  • Healing emotions and the story of "me"
  • The subject object divide
  • The pain of separation from God 
  • The pain of feeling abandoned by God
  • Merging with the Divine

Each session will be recorded and shared with the participants. The recording can be listened to again during the week and also for some reason if you miss a session you will have the recording. Email guidance will be given during the entire course duration.

This course will be suitable for people who have a deep yearning to merge with the beloved and are tired of the games of the mind.  The teachings will help you merge into your True Self, the Infinite mystical I. This realization leads to unconditional love and happiness within which is reflected in your world as the "added things". 

Course Start Date – Sunday 16th May

Course End Date –  Sunday 20th June

Time – 10 AM EST, 7 AM PST, 3 PM BST 

Online Medium – Zoom

Course Fee –  350 USD

Payment can be made in parts. 

If you have financial constraints , please let me know so that I can offer you  a discount.

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