Paramkaruna Paramjyothi Sahasranama Homa

  • Sunday, December 31, 2023
  • 11:30pm
Paramkaruna Paramjyothi Sahasranama Homa

Paramkaruna Paramjyothi Sahasranama Homa

Sahasranama Homa bestows the participants with 21 Benefits that cover every aspect of their material and Spiritual life:

1. Health and longevity
2. Wealth and Prosperity
3. Successful Trade /Business
4. Agriculture Prosperity
5. Name and Fame and prominence in life
6. Complete relief from loans and debts
7. Job and promotion
8. For marriage
9. For child
10. Love and Peace in relationship
11. Academic excellence
12. Auspicious life
13. Ancestors Blessing
14. Protection Shield for family
15. Spiritual growth and Transformation
16. Service to God and man
17. Earn good Karma
18. To raise in levels of Consciousness
19. Bond with Great Compassionate Light
20. Enlightenment
21. God Realization

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