Position For Prosperity and Miracles with Tracy L

  • Thursday, October 10, 2019
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Living Arts Centre- Rogers Theatre, Mississauga, ON
Position For Prosperity and Miracles with Tracy L
Position For Prosperity and Miracles with Tracy L Are you ready to step up your ability to awaken more of who you are? To be open to receive more miracles and unlimited prosperity. We live in a world that has been changing at superspeed and many physical bodies are still stuck in the old way of receiving and earning. Do you feel unworthy to receive more in your life? Do you feel not deserving, or perhaps you feel why me I have enough! WHY NOT YOU?! Good people deserve to have a lot because you will do amazing things with your prosperity. It is your right to have all you desire and your right to do it with ease. Not to mention many people have imprints and belief systems running that you may not even be aware of locking you up! Preventing you from full expansion. This evening let’s focus on YOU what your desire what you desire to clear and shift! I will also be doing a special blessing at the end for everyone in attendance. It is time you unlock your supernatural favor over your life and become the most amazing Stewart of your money you could ever imagine!!! If you have attended one of our live events you know the power of the TLC Community and the change we are creating together! We all have choices how we spend our days and night and I thank you each of you for making yourself a priority and coming to join us for a night of transformation and change! This evening will be focused on tools and inspiration you can use to shift the reality of your inner wealth and your external wealth. Your Value and Your Worth! You are worth the time and the energy for the shifts and change! **Don’t live in the area but still wish to be a part of this incredible evening full of transformation?! Join us via live stream! Please visit www.tracylclark.com to register    

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