Preethaji's Special Process For New Beginnings

  • Saturday, April 4, 2020
  • 10:30am
Preethaji’s Special Process For New Beginnings


Preethaji, co-founder of O&O Academy in India, is offering a Special Process for New Beginnings: Spring Forward in Consciousness on April 4th for USA and Canada.

A true healing of our bodies, our families and the earth can only happen when we awaken to the beautiful state of Connection and Compassion in our consciousness.

During this special 3-hour process, Preethaji will lead us on a mystic journey of:
• Healing our hearts and bodies
• Awakening courage in the face of crisis
• Receiving and sharing immeasurable grace and compassion with every living being on earth

Awakening our consciousness to Connection and Compassion would lead to:

• Freedom from traumas of the past
• Courage to be fully in the present
• Calmly facing challenges in the future

In addition, we will be given Preethaij’s gifts of wisdom lessons, guided meditations, and mystical processes. We will be blessed to enter into the Limitless Field Meditation with Preethaji to receive the gift of Awakening to CONNECTION AND COMPASSION.

It is a rare opportunity to be taught by this modern philosopher sage, who has helped transform the lives and consciousness of millions of people worldwide. Please gather your families and friends, co-workers and neighbors, and receive the gifts of awakening your consciousness to Connection and Compassion on April 4th.

7:30AM pacific/8:30AM mountain/9:30AM central/10:30AM eastern

Please use this link to register NOW (one registration per person, please):

Once registered you will receive the webinar link and password 2-3 days prior to Preethaji’s Special Process.

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