Prelude to Sainthood: A Theatric Funeral of Poetry

  • Friday, April 5, 2024
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • The Riverside, Boulder, CO
Prelude to Sainthood: A Theatric Funeral of Poetry

[BLACK BOX WARNING: References to Catholic ceremonies, death, dying, suicide, mummies, trains, planes, the Jersey Shore, and native birds with larger-than-life personalities! 

Join Ani Meier, Boulder writer and artist, and her clergy of favorite local poets (Aspen Everett, Lyric Haworth & Virginia Schultz) as she officiates a memorial service celebrating the creative life of the dearly departed, her former self Kelly Anne Meier, with a one-time performance of her last work: Prelude to Sainthood. This is a collection of alternately morbid, comedic, and uplifting poetry enacted in a series of vignettes alongside nature photography.

This piece was written at the end of her life in Boston, before her untimely disappearance on November 1, 2018. Though the local mortician had surmised an unidentified body suffering the deleterious effects of Roundup poisoning, social isolation, and garden-variety workaday drudgery belonged to her; others believe she hopped on a plane to India never to return. 

Kindly meet the bereft and mourning at The Riverside, 1724 Broadway, Boulder CO 80302, to be admitted to the chapel loft upstairs for the service. Doors will open at 7pm; the reading will commence at 7:30p. Dress darkly, dapper in black lace, and Riverside staff will know where to direct you. There will be a brief 5-minute intermission. 

In keeping with the fashion of the moment, in lieu of offering flowers, please consider purchasing a canvas photograph OF flowers to remember the deceased at the service. Prints of her photography, as well as chapbooks of poetry and tees, will be on display for purchase throughout the proceedings. 

Light bites, savory pies, fine wine & beer will be available for purchase to drown out any and all superfluous sorrow, courtesy of The Riverside. Absolutely no judgment. Please note any audience member needing to wail in grief will be immediately welcomed to the cast to scream at the world from the patio rooftop… or simply join the writing workshop next door at the Stand! 

Oblations of $5-25 are welcome, never required. These may be made here with ticket purchase (you choose your price – can be $0) or during the service as the Juniper Witch’s Hat is passed around. Please note all sales and donations are final. Having a ticket prior to the performance is helpful, not required. Message on Facebook or email for any questions. 

Ani hopes you will be able to join her in celebrating the life of this exceptional being she once knew so well, recorded courtesy of Kelvin Tavarez of LuckyOddity LLC for the unfortunates unable to attend or arriving late. Come dressed in black, and let’s make light of the dark. 

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