Presence: Venture into the Heart of Englightenment

  • Wednesday, February 23, 2022 - Friday, February 28, 2025
Presence: Venture into the Heart of Englightenment

How do you know if you’re experiencing Presence?

You may be able to spot when you’re getting distracted from the present moment—like when you’re fixated on the past or future or feeling disconnected from your body. And you probably know techniques for becoming grounded and present-focused.
But the experience of Presence, as A.H. Almaas describes it, goes much deeper . . . and is far more magical and fulfilling.
Now we invite you to join this renowned teacher as he explores this essential facet of awakening with:
Presence: Venture into the Heart of Enlightenment
In the Diamond Approach taught by A.H. Almaas, Presence is the depth of our spiritual nature. When we truly awaken to this truth, we don’t just experience “being present”—we recognize Presence as a tangible substance that is our true essence.
While we often get fleeting glimpses of Presence, it’s tricky to sustain without unlearning our conditioned beliefs and habits.
That’s why Almaas and his co-teachers will bring you 8 weeks of instruction, insight, and practices designed to discover your own individual path to an ever-expanding experience of Presence.

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