RAW Series 911 Event 2: The Only Way OUT is IN

  • Saturday, November 16, 2019
  • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Gajdel Photography Studio, Toronto, ontartio
RAW Series 911 Event 2: Only Way OUT is IN
  Meet’n’Greet at 12:30pm – 1pm,  Guest Speaker: 1-1:30pm$60 in advance (Eventbrite); $80 at the door.The RAW (Radically Altering Worldview) Series demystifies and decodes this entire paradigm as it relates, and is applicable, to the human’s point of focus. This no holds barred, no holding back Series has three goals:1. To assist humans in understanding the 4th dimensional physics that are the basis for this You-Create-Your-Own-Reality platform upon which our entire human existence is built,2. To provide practical ways to apply this understanding as we navigate through the most urgent, turbulent, chaotic, and for many fearful, times that humanity has ever experienced, yet are now staring us in the face, and3. To explain why it is necessary to know this if we are to survive the next step in human evolution. Some of what we will be covering in the second of our RAW 911 Discussion Series will include: 1. Why this world is ending and why it must end.2. How this world will end.3. What climate change really means.4. The Consciousness mechanics of the transition from this world to the next (i.e. phase shifts) and what that looks like. This would only apply to those who make the choice to advance to the next step in human evolution.5. You cannot save the world. You never could. And it is too late to save the planet. All you can do now is save yourself.6. What happens if you don’t save yourself. Contrary to popular belief, your Soul is not eternal. This is a myth.7. Resurrection – why it really happened, what it really means and how it applies to you.8. Universal Law, the Laws that govern the NEW Earth and how to adapt and apply them here (which we must do if we are to evolve to the next step).9. NEW Earth Order vs New World Order – Ascension vs Descension.10. The emergence of AI and 5G and the threat or gift, depending on the choice you make, these technologies signify.11. Activism vs Actualism – It is too late to take a stand for the environment. All of the protests and lobbying governments for change that we see are pointless now. The only move we have left is toward actualism, Self-actualism to be precise.12. And anything else that shows up either on the afternoon or in the course of preparing for this afternoon talk. This afternoon promises to blow your mind. It is a conversation that requires you to suspend your beliefs …. and disbeliefs …. because even the things you don’t believe are a belief too. 🙂  In reality, they form your world just as much as the things you do believe, perhaps even more so.If you can do this, you will not be the same person that walked in the room at the beginning of this conversation. You will have changed. You will, literally, be vibrating at a different frequency walking out the door, than you were when you walked in it. Whether you endeavor to stay there is entirely up to you.This is the RAW Series …. Earth-shaking, Ground-breaking, Action-taking.Discussions for those who are ready to Know Truth, so they can live theirs.Fee: $80 at the door, $60 advance100% of proceeds goes to PINK Animals to the Rescue whose mission is to bring animals from Egypt to Canada and adopt them into forever, loving homes. For more information on PINK and the animals that are up for adoption, please go to: https://www.petfinder.com/member/ca/on/etobicoke/pink-rescue-on579/If you would like to attend but the cost is prohibitive, please email us at therawseries@hotmail.com and we will waive or reduce the fee to something that is manageable.If you’d like to get a feel for what these discussions are about, you might want to head to our vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/appconsciousnessphysicsThere you will find three videos posted, one of which is the first RAW 911 discussion. It is available for rent or purchase and the other two are complimentary.

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