ReConnection Retreat

  • Saturday, April 6, 2024 - Saturday, April 13, 2024
  • Troncones Ixtapa, Troncones, Gro.
ReConnection Retreat



April 6-13, 2024, Troncones, Mexico

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Welcome to our Reconnection Retreat, led by Mary Wagstaff and Nura Rachelle, on the beach in Mexico, consciously curated for the Eclipse Portal.

We’ll be together for the week surrounding the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries.

It’s time to Reconnect with You.

This solar eclipse is a powerful portal for releasing limiting self-concepts and anchoring a new vision for yourself. You will be supported in circle by other women on a similar heart-centered path, who all recognize the power of sacred circle and community connection.

This eclipse offers us an invitation to Reclaim who we really are, and remember our resources.

It’s about embodying our sacred ‘I AM’ frequency & breathing this awareness into all areas of our lives.


This Solar Eclipse in Aries is part of a cycle that we last experienced in 2004-2006. These 19 year cycles are destiny intersection points. How you spend this solar eclipse will initiate the energy for the coming 19 years.

Aries is an energy that promotes new beginnings, individuality, independence, confidence, bravery, courage, freedom and autonomy.


Where are you needing more autonomy?

Where do you need to receive support, resourcing, and connection with intentional community?

What new beginning is emerging in your life?


This is a HUGE eclipse – happening at 19˚ Aries! This is where the Sun is exalted, meaning it’s about STRENGTH OF HEART, AND SPIRITUAL RE-SOURCING.

Where you have this in YOUR chart will mark the beginning of the rest of your life.

It’s also conjunct Chiron, bringing strong healing to our connection with our bodies, trusting our instincts, and claiming our freedom. It’s also ruled by Mars who will be in Pisces, conjunct Saturn, reminding us that the best way forward is through our spiritually-aligned action, and dedicated practice in connection with our Divine Nature.

It’s a time of INITIATION, and SOULFUL RECALIBRATION supported by heart-centered, intuitive structures that can authentically hold us.

If you’re newer to astrology, don’t worry – you’ll be set up by Nura!

You’ll receive a full chart alchemy exploration, including your human design strategy, so you are prepared leading up to the retreat and eclipse portal (eclipse portal is open March 25th through April 8th).

This eclipse is a reminder that your desires are Divinely Seeded and Needed.


The world needs YOU to be all of who you are, just as much as you do. Your JOY and ability to LET MORE LIFE IN depends on it. And all you have to do is show up. We’ve got you.

If you have been longing to connect more deeply with kindred souls, the magic of the Wild Woman in nature, and the freedom to express all parts of you, this retreat is for you!

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