• Saturday, March 9, 2019 - Sunday, March 10, 2019
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Toronto Airport Corporate Centre, Toronto, ON
DATE: Saturday, March 9th and Sunday March 10thTIME: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.LOCATION: Hampton Inn By Hilton Toronto  Airport corporate Centre, 5515 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto On. Canada DID YOU KNOW YOUR LIFE CLOCK IS RUNNING OUT? INFACT ALL OUR CLOCKS ARE RUNNING OUT SO WHY ARE YOU WAITING FOR ANOTHER DAY TO GO BY WHERE YOU ARE NOT LIVNG THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE? Real change comes when you are ready to do something different in your life. Have you gone to seminars and workshops where you learned amazing information only to get home and a few days later the hype has worn off and the change never happened?  Usually this happens because the workshop or seminar did not empower you enough or motivate you enough to make you ready for the change you are seeking. But the main key is it did not SHIFT YOU!! All our programs are designed to create an unstoppable energetic shift in your field that will create a momentum in your life that will allow you to learn how to use the tools in your tools box properly and start to see immediate results! GET THE LIFE YOU DESERVE Let me show you how to overcome fears holding you back, and unlock your hidden power within. Let me help you to stop talking about change and actually show you the action step you need to create the change! This 2day event with Tracy L will unlock, motivate, shift and knowing within you to help you break through your limitations and take you to a realm of unlimited potential. It is at this moment you will be in-charge of your life not the limiting belief systems you have held throughout your life. This is not a hype lets motivate you weekend. This is a weekend that is about you to transform and shift all areas within you. It is a weekend to build a solid foundation to The Hand of God, Universe Divine and fully learn how to connect properly and allow Tracy L’s voice and energy experience shift you into a new realm of possibilities. No matter what you desire out of life, joy, love, passion, fulfillment – Unlock you unlimited power and inner knowing and finally walk in the realm of unlimited possibilities. Isn’t it time you stop settling for ordinary when you can create a life that is extraordinary! Don’t settle for an ordinary. When you Commit to the process and learn how to stay connected you will walk away from this weekend TRANSFORMED! ARE YOU READY?  I have been there where everything felt sideways. My dreams and visions seemed like they were only that and would never be a reality. Then after a face with death one last time I realized I needed to step up. It was through this process my life started to turn drastically to where I am today. It is never to late to expand into a bigger YOU and to embrace more of who you are. So, I invite you to click NOW on the link below and join us for a weekend to transform your body soul and spirit!!! I will show you the keys I learned, shift the energy and uplift you to new realms! No class is every the same as we follow the energy so what are you waiting for cause your life clock is ticking and each day that goes by ARE YOU IN TRUTH READY TO TRANSFORM YOU LIFE? What if you could build on your dreams and visions? What if you could unlock the doors faster so you can start to eliminate and eradicate all fears and worries and start to walk in your inner power and your strength that sits inside all of us! What if you could learn to strengthen your connection to the God/Divine Energy like you never thought possibleto increase your connection in ways you never thought possible. I invite you to join us this weekend where we will move the energy learn some of my secrets to unlocking my life path and watch the transformations unfold in your life like many before you. What makes Tracy L  different is I have transformed my own life and continue to grow and change every day. I give this to you and shift the places that have created blocks in your life preventing you from moving into the realm of unlimited possibilities. I have worked with thousands of people around the world and taught many how to take back what is theirs and embark on the journey they truly have passion and life for. Stop waiting and start embracing your time now!! RECEIVE MY FAVOURITE MANIFESTATION PRAYER I HAVE NEVER SHARED BEFORE THAT WORKS! PLUS, THE 8 LAWS TO BEING ABLE TO ATTRACT WHAT YOU DESIRE AND THE ACTIONS TO TAKE TO CREATE IT INTO REALITY THAT WORKS! Tracy L also uses her intuitive abilities of seeing, feeling and hearing in each group session and nothing is done via script. The energy of the group is always followed and she shifts what she sees in your field to create more ease and flow. It is through her spoken word and her hands that she is able to be used as a vessel to help you body shift in ways that are fast not slow. You will hear the testimonials of many at these events of their incredible shifts and changes. Remember, the more positive words you hear the quicker your life can transform Isn’t it time you are ready for real transformation. To walk away inspired, changed, transformed and SHIFTED  Aren’t you ready for the miracles? TESTIMONIAL The October weekend event was just AMAZING! I always love these weekends because they help me to shift a lot of what I need to shift. The energy of the last workshop was different, way more powerful! Tracy had a big shift herself the week before and she just passed that to all of us who attended the event.  Often, after one of these weekend events I normally can’t drive.  This time, I drove back 6 hours, with the smile on my face. It’s like the new energy took place in lightness. It is what I have been feeling since the workshop: Lightness, joy and trust in what is coming next. Now, I get up earlier in the morning, with gratitude as my first though, I’m smiling and humming often (even when I’m doing the dishes!), I’m joking more, I feel the lightness in me.  During the weekend, Tracy spoke about what my fiancé and I are preparing to do.  Having the opportunity to say it in a front of the group, with such strength, allowed the energy inside of me to take another step. I felt so much energy and shivers running through my body at that moment, something was cleaned and reinforced. Now it is much stronger in me, and I KNOW deeply all is coming way quicker than I had ever thought possible. I know all will take place at the right moment, and fast. It’s happening! There are a lot of things to do to get there and after the weekend, I have way more energy. I can accomplish 1 1/2 day’s worth of work in just one day, I am more efficient, and I can work longer because I have that new light energy that allows me to keep going. I love it. And I love that new level of lightness and joy.  I try to attend every event that I can, despite the 8-hour drive, because I gain so much and my life improves in incredible ways. Thank you, Tracy, for everything, for what you are doing for all of us, for being who you are.  You are a blessing in my life.  Bianca TESTIMONIAL Thank you so much for this weekend you are so special and I am grateful for what you doThe programs you createThis weekend was AMAZINGI’ve experience exactly what I needed to experienceThank you for all of it Elizabeth S TESTIMONIAL I’ve been working with Tracy for a few years now and she works like no one I know. Her ability to gift us with shifting, healing and creating everyday miracles have been even stronger and faster with the new partnership program. The ongoing support from the group along with her videos and messages create such incredible everyday miracles and blessings, while reminding us that we create them all the time if we look! I once felt seeing her in person worked quicker and deeper, but the results are just as affective and without the wait for a one-in-one. I am so thankful for her and the group of loving people that have also joined. It’s an incredible program no one should be without. Thank you and much love back to you Tracy and team Tracy!! TESTIMONIAL: “Oh Girl! My life?? Thank you, God, !! I just can’t believe the profound changes in my life and the magical way that it is all unfolding right now!!  There is so much synchronicity in almost every exchange I have when I am sharing…like a veil lifting and the connections deepening!  The results of months of faith seem to be revealing it’s incredible purpose…more intricate and loving than a person could ever imagine creating!  Mind completely blown!  Since your workshop weekend: Asked for – 2 out of 3 of my kids weren’t talking to me.  Resolution and healing Within days – extraordinary healing and resolution with both. Establishing new understandings that I couldn’t have imagined possible. Asked for – old relationships and energy that needed to leave and stop distracting me; now – gone…just GONE! and complete bliss! Asked for – Expansion of my community with meaning relationships in which I can easily be myself. Now – I became a volunteer at Dog Tales in King City working with the traumatized dogs – check this place out!! It is incredible! The most fascinating Mystics appearing in all corners of my life!  True exchangesMy gratitude for you and your clarity and gifts only grows!!”            

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