Relationship Shadow Play Afternoon Workshop

  • Saturday, July 20, 2024
  • 1:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Energy Flow Studio, San Anselmo, CA
Relationship Shadow Play Afternoon Workshop

Do your romantic relationships sometimes feel like Groundhog Day?

Whether you’re coupled up or single, you tend to experience the same thing over and over. 

The same fight. 

The same pattern. 

The same issue. 

This may look like: 

  • Attracting the same type of person, even though they seem very different 
  • Having the same issue with your partner come up, even though you’ve talked about it a million times
  • Having the same reaction come up inside you, even though you’ve worked on it for years 

You’ve done all the work on yourself. 

Done therapy. Read all the books. Taken all the workshops. 

And things do change—but never quite enough. 

Some part of you thinks you need to try harder to change this pattern. Get a handle on it. Be more aware. See it sooner. More disciplined. 

But here’s the problem. That hasn’t really worked, has it? 

Maybe you’ve even had the thought, “there must be some part of me that likes this, because I keep doing it.” Or maybe you’ve never had the thought, but you’re reading this right now and thinking “hmmmmm, that sounds intriguing.”

When you come to this point, you’re probably ready for “Relationship Shadow Play.”

“The Play,” as I like to call it, is all about finding the patterns in your romantic life, bringing them out and exploring them through erotic play. 

Yes, that’s right, instead of all the hard work you think you need to do on the pattern, you flip the script and play with it. Find the place inside you that’s turned on by it. 

Because if you keep trying the usual ways of just “trying to process it,” your turn-on and desire will go down with your romantic partners. But playing with it will work because it will elevate your turn-on with each other while “moving the energy” that’s stuck between you. 

When you learn to play with your shadow in relationship, you can: 

  • Attract the right kind of partner to have a truly fulfilling relationship 
  • Fix a relationship that’s “going off the rails” and bring it back on track 
  • Get beyond long-standing stuck patterns in relationship, and see what’s really holding you back
  • Experience more joy and happiness as you work through dynamics and patterns in a fun way
  • Find your eros and turn-on in even the stickiest patterns, and learn to play with it

Come join us on July 20th in San Anselmo from 1-6pm and learn how to transform the triggers you have around romantic relationship into fun and sexy shadow play!


Jim Donovan has been an Executive Leadership Coach for 20 years, working with large corporate clients. Over time he discovered that the more his clients embraced their dark, shadowy parts, the faster they transformed. This led him to explore the connection of eros and power as he stepped into the world of Relationship Shadow Play. He now helps clients transform their triggers into fun, edgy play for greater self knowledge, self expression, and connection to their partners and themselves. Through this process, his clients are able to release troubling patterns in their romantic life, become more embodied versions of themselves, and access their natural eroticism.

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