Sacred City Splash

  • Saturday, August 10, 2024
  • 1:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Private Pool Oasis in St Pete, Saint Petersburg, FL
Sacred City Splash

Welcome to Sacred City Splash

An EPIC summer pool party with the Sacred City community that will unfold in 3 profound chapters…

The Journey

2:30pm | Doors Open to Settle in for Ceremony

Take this time to settle in and connect with the community before we begin our epic journey together.

3pm | Chapter 1 | Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Our journey begins with a sacred cacao ceremony. Together, we sit with this potent medicine and open the heart and connect even deeper with the magical version of ourselves we are stepping into this summer.

4pm | Chapter 2 | Dance Pool Party

The second chapter of the journey will be an vibey dance party in and all around the pool, led by the potent Medicine Muse, the divine Meeshy and the fierce Shewxlf. Feel free to put on your bathing suit and get on a floaty in the pool, or find some shade & dance your face off with dear friends.

8pm | Chapter 3 | Medicine Music by the Fire

Our night culminates with a relaxing and deep medicine music circle by the fire, led by the Sacred City Band. Together, we will get cozy and sing our hearts out into the night.

The Bliss Lounge

We will be featuring the Bliss Lounge, led by our dear friend Ananda. This will be a sacred and viby, magical place to hang when you are feeling called to relax and catch some shade during this journey in the Sacred City. The name says it all. Enjoy it!

Advice for the Day

  • Arrive at 2:30pm so you can settle in and be ready for the Cacao Ceremony starting at 3pm sharp.
  • Bring a water bottle to fill up from the provided water stations.
  • Bring a bathing suit, a towel and an extra pair of clothes.
  • Bring something to protect you from extensive sun exposure, natural sunscreens as an example.
  • Snacks will be available, we also recommend you bring food if needed.
  • Honor the sober container. This is the vibe at Sacred City experiences.
  • Bring a friend who you feel could really use some fun in connection with community.
Essential FAQs
What are the essentials I need to bring?
Bathing suit, towel, extra pair of clothes, sun support, and a floaty if you can!
What are the boundaries for arriving and leaving?
Ideally, attendees arrive at 2:30pm to settle in and be ready for the opening Cacao Ceremony at 3pm. Upon arrival, you will be given a wristband. Once you have your wristband, you can come and go as you’d like. We encourage you though to be present for the whole journey. The container will close at 10pm that night.
Will there be drinking water provided?
We will have water provided. Please bring your own water bottle to fill up.
What are the ticket options for kids?
This container is an adult experience.
What is the bathroom situation?
There will be a rented porta-potty for attendees to use.
What are the parking deets?
This experience is hosted in a beautiful pool oasis at the private home of a Sacred City community member. Parking is open all down the streets of the neighborhood
What do I do if I need support at camp?
You can find support and guidance with any Sacred City Team Member at the experience. They will be easily identifiable.
If I need power, will it be provided?
There are a limited amount of plugs for electricity that we will be fully utilizing. We ask that you come prepared to not be able to charge devices during the experience.
Is this camp setup for accessibility?
Yes. Anyone will be able to get into the location and be present for the experience. With that being said, we do not have any mechanisms to get people who cannot walk on their own into the pool safely.
Experience FAQs
What’s the vibe?
At Sacred City experiences, the vibe is always an invitation into being authentic and a celebration of who you are. It is a welcoming culture where you will probably meet some super down to earth people. Our pillars guide this culture: Sacred, Silly, Safe, Sober, Sovereign.
Can I share offerings at Splash?
Yes you can definitely ask someone if they want to experience something you want to offer.  With that, we ask that you do not charge money for anything at the experience. We also ask that you allow the facilitators of the cacao ceremony, the dance party and the music medicine circle to be the main stewards of the experience.
What are the boundaries for this event being sober?
We invite campers to participate in an all day sober container. Items like drugs, alcohol, psychedelics are not permitted. Medicine options for camp include items that do not significantly alter states like Cacao, tea and coffee.
I am on a special diet, what kinds of offerings will there be?  Can I cook my own food?
We will have organic snacks available throughout the experience for people to nourish themselves. You can definitely bring your own food if that feels aligned for you. We ask that you do not attempt to cook food at the experience.
Are there opportunities for me to do my own thing at Splash?
Absolutely. After the Cacao Ceremony, you can really have whatever experience you’d like. There will be magical musicians taking all of us on epic journeys, but during all this, you are encouraged to have the experience that feels most aligned for you.
I don’t know anyone in this community, what is the best way to get connected?
The best recommendation is to ask people "what part of you are you celebrating today?" Everyone will have an answer that can lead to deep conversations and powerful experiences.

The Sacred City Movement

The Sacred City is a place where daily life feels like a magical ride. It’s built, brick by brick, with each courageous choice to embody our true nature then embrace however life unfolds from that authentic place. Together, we journey in ceremony to remember more of who we are, step into initiation retreats to embody more of who we are, and gather in celebration to rejoice the magic that is created from embracing the meaningful adventure of an authentic life. At Splash, we celebrate!

The 5 Pillars of Sacred City
These core principles are the foundation of how we show up together in all Sacred City containers. Please only join us if these feel in full alignment and you are fully committed to embodying each one at Splash. With that being said, Sacred City does not believe this is how all experiences must be in the world, we just enjoy this particular type of container for our events. With reverence and love, we encourage anyone to opt in if they want to try it on, or opt out if it doesn’t feel aligned.
•Sacred | experience the magic of presence
•Silly | experience the playfulness of expression
•Safe | experience the nourishment of acceptance
•Sober | experience the medicine of an unaltered mind
•Sovereign | experience the freedom of consent

We are excited for you to join us in embodying the Sacred City pillars and going on a magical ride together!

See you at Splash, my friends ❤️✨

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