Sacred Principles of Spiritual Awakening

  • Saturday, June 29, 2019
  • 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • TDB - Miami Area, Miami, FL
Sacred Principles of Spiritual Awakening
Join Spiritual Teachers Douglas & Prema Bentley on a journey of Inner Discovery and Grace-filled Awakening.  In this transformative one day retreat, where you will embark on a Divinely guided journey of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Awakening.  Douglas and Prema will share the Sacred Wisdom of the journey of Spiritual Awakening, and guide you through powerful processes and meditations that awaken your energetic body, opening you to an experiential reality of Divine Grace and a deeper personal connection to the Divine within. You will take with you a deep connection to your source, and the wisdom to continue to flower on your journey of Self-Discovery and Awakening.  Agenda Sacred Wisdom Talks – Open dialog sessions where through Q&As we dive into the nature of Spiritual Awakening and Bond with the Divine Within. Powerful Meditations & Processes to activate the energetic body and awaken our spiritual energies. Divine Light Meditations – Powerful Eye Meditations that Transfer Divine Grace for Spiritual Awakening and Healing. The Teachers Douglas Bentley Douglas spent the last ten years as a monk in India, living with and learning from Awakened Masters. Douglas was asked by his Masters to take the Sacred Wisdom of Spiritual Awakening he learned and experienced with them and share it with the world. Prema Bentley Prema has been on a life-long spiritual journey since age seven, studying under various Awakened Masters, and leading her ultimately to India to study from Awakened Masters.  She was also blessed by them to travel the world sharing the Wisdom of Spiritual Awakening. Full Day Retreat   This is an interactive livestream with Doug who lives a life of dedication and service to humanity. This will be the second year we are offering this incredible online event. Join spiritual teacher Douglas Bentley for a 1-Day Retreat of Spiritual Enquiry and Introspection into the nature of Spiritual Awakening and God-Realization. This Q&A/Satsang styled program is open to people of all walks of life and is geared to take you inward towards inner freedom and a deeper connection to your higher self.This event includes powerful meditations, processes, and divine initiations to awaken participants into higher states of consciousness and connection with their higher self.  

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