SAPPHIRE: Album Pre-Release Listening Party

  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020
  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm
SAPPHIRE: Album Pre-Release Listening Party


Virtual Album Pre-Release Listening Party

You are cordially invited to the Official ‘SAPPHIRE’ Virtual Pre-Release Listening Party on September 16, 2020 at 6:30pm PT.

In our current times, as we are unable to gather live to share in the magic of a live performance of this body of work, we have created an opportunity for us to be together to celebrate this music in an experiential way: with a LISTENING PARTY

Remember the days when a friend would buy a new record, and invite the folks over to sit and listen to music together? We are excited to re-invoke this magical tradition of deep intentional listening with this music.


About This Virtual Gathering:

This event begins with a 30 minute artist talk, to share about the muse, inspiration, and process of creating this album.

Then you’ll receive a link to the premier of the full album collection of Lyric Videos, a beautiful visual journey including photography, video, and illustrations featuring the original art work of Herb Leonard, Tessa Shields, Sydni Indman and Penny Slinger, who each contributed their magic to bring this concept album and story to life.

Following the completion of our listening journey, we will reconvene for a community share, q+a, and closing.


We hope you’ll join us on this magical journey!

In these uncertain times, anytime we commune together around life giving beauty, art, and collective heart, we generate qualities of mind which support the whole to come into balance. Together we orient to and move in the direction of coherence in life together. This experience is designed for you to taste the richness of this creative process, to meet the muses who sing to your heart, and to inspire you to envision a world we are truly excited to co-create together. 


About Sapphire:

“Revel in the awe inspiring forces of creation while listening to the rich lyrics of Marya Stark in her new ten song concept album ‘Sapphire’. This album tells the story of the intimate journey to thaw the frozen heart. 

In ‘Sapphire’, Marya Stark collaborates with producer and composer Joshua Penman of Akara to create a mystical, lush, and enveloping sound. Penman’s arrangements of Stark’s songs (two of them co-composed) weaves themes of Mystical Love, Ecstatic Grief, Glacier Melt, and the Return of Divine Feminine Wisdom into a beautiful story arch. 

Stark’s tight choral harmonies against Penman’s warm and detailed backdrop of real chamber strings, world instruments, acoustic guitar, analog synths, digital production, found sounds, world percussion, and drums creates a mythological frequency that opens the heart.“


Guest Musicians

Elijah Ray, guest vocals
Carmen Crow, guest vocals
Trill Lebeau, guest vocals
Travis Puntarelli, guest vocals

Matt Szmela, violin
Charith Premawardhana, violin, viola
Chad Katlinger, viola
Lewis Patzner, cello
Sascha Jacobsen, bass

Benjy Wertheimer, esraj
Daniel Berkman, kora, charango
Phil Lawrence, mandolin
Guillermo Laporta, pennywhistle
David Brewer, bodhran

Dawn Richardson, drums and percussion
Mark Quinn, drums and percussion
Jah Levi, percussion
Andy Zenzack, percussion

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