Saturn & The Moon - Part 2 w/ Charlotte

  • Monday, March 6, 2023
  • 5:30pm - 7:15pm
  • Life-Force Academy, Nevada City, CA
Saturn & The Moon – Part 2 w/ Charlotte
This lunar cycle, Saturn and the moon come together — telling us to slow down, be patient, and listen deeply. 

From the material perspective, Saturn and the Moon together is regarded as quite inauspicious. 

After all — the moon is our deep emotional body. She is feminine receptivity and flow. She is our desire to feel belonging, to feel held and safe. 

Saturn is the lord of change and karma. He is the great constricting energy. He rules time, death, and aging — he is well aware of the darkness of life, and will hold it up for you to see. 

This is why when Saturn and the moon come together in our lives — personally or collectively — tends to signal a change that will be felt deep in our emotional core. And usually not an easy one, if Saturn has anything to say about it!

And yet there is a medicine, and a magic that we can discover if we can become more still, more quiet, and listen deeply enough. 

When Saturn joins the moon, he will obstruct her feminine flow…but push her  to find security in structure, and containment. 

He will rip away the temporary identifications that have given her a sense of belonging…leaving her only to experience her true inner rapture, and glory. 

He will force her to question the ways she has learned to feel safe…and push her to deep inside to find an infinite refuge. 

This is a two-part Lunar Activation in the Life-Force Academy, on the new moon and the eve of the full moon. You will move, breath, sweat, release and any stagnant or blocked energy. You’ll meditate deeply and journey deep inside. You will fill yourself up, open your heart, and emerge feeling fully alive and whole once more. 

This is an all-levels experience, everyone is welcome! 

About Charlotte

Charlotte Pizzella is a yogi, dance lover, and teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She has been studying under the mentorship of Jai Dev Singh for the past six years. In her classes you can expect to sing, sweat, dance, test your limits, and uncover the deep wisdom of your own heart. 

Please bring your own yoga mat, cushion, water bottle, and anything else that helps you feel comfortable practicing. Please arrive early to the space with enough time to settle as we go LIVE with our global audience promptly at the start time listed.


$22 pre-register

$25 at the door — providing space remains (Limited space. Register to secure your spot)


Please keep your health and the health of other participants at the forefront of your mind when choosing to attend class.
Do not attend class if you feel sick, or have a cough or fever.
Please note that sometimes when we are sold out mats will be in close proximity.
Please respect others in the space. This includes refraining from wearing heavy perfumes and being mindful of body odor.
Our studio is equipt with an advanced HEPA air filter.
Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, and any props you will need. These will not be provided.
Speak to a member of the Life-Force Academy team if you see anything that needs attention to help keep the venue safe. 

Cancellation Policy: Tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

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