Self-Care Goddess Bali Retreat

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - Sunday, June 30, 2019
  • Jalan Goa Gong, Kuta , Bali
Self-Care Goddess Bali Retreat
Presented by Mindful Living Group in collaboration with the 2B Experience Bali Retreats 10.0 CEs (1.0. Ethics) for Social Workers, LMFTs, and Counselors Pending NASW approval SELF-CARE RETREAT for Women June 26-30, 2019 Goddess VillaJalan Goa Gong, Kuta Selaton, Bali 80361, Indonesia Are you overworked and in need of a break to restore and rejuvenate? Are your relationships or intimacy life suffering due to so much output in your many roles as a woman? Are you ready to make internal shifts that will allow a lifestyle that includes more self-care and joy into your life? Are you struggling to carve out routines and a healthy, mindful lifestyle that prevents fatigue and burnout in your clinical or leadership roles? Are you having a hard time balancing ethical decision-making, finances, relationships, intimacy, health, and family life? Are you in need of some luxuriating, restorative time to rejuvenate your feminine essence? Is it time to get empowered in your feminine nature?   This 2B Experience Retreat is just for YOU!   The 2B Self-Care Retreat is the outcome of a MASSIVE expansion of the FEMININE in our society occurring Right NOW! Women have played many roles throughout history and culture some of which create a sense of emptiness or incompletion. The work is to recognize these roles, develop awareness of the intention surrounding these roles, get EMPOWERED by a group of women also in health and leadership roles, PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE SELF-CARE every day, experience 4 days filled with self-care routines, develop a Goddess Self-Care toolkit JUST FOR YOU, impliment new rejuvenation techniques throughout your retreat, establish healthy lifestyle routines, and experience greater presence and joy in your life as a result!  —This 2B Experience Retreat is a Journey of rejuvenation, learning, and reprograming that is intended to awaken the totality of your feminine essence and create more joy in all areas of your life.  — We will discover which expression of parts you carry that generate stress, imbalance, and attract a certain feminine archetype (IFS) representing a certain type of energy.    — We will learn how to re-write your own stories through unburdening and rebirthing clinical approaches, art-based therapies, use of visualization, journaling, and diving deeper into the group processes. — We will learn how burnout, fatigue and and lack of a balanced lifestyle affects the stress response and higher brain functioning such as ethical decision-making. We will also learn about the neuroscience and benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  — We will develop a Self-Care tool kit you can bring back into your personal and professional life that will recharge you and help you stay centered and ethical.   The goal is AWARENESS, EXPANSION and LOVE MASTERY in what is already within You! This retreat experience is a Lifestyle Path that has been carved out for you to create the space to learn, experience, and develop the tools that will allow you to access your creative infinite potential in your work, intimacy, family, and personal life! Through learning Powerful Mindfulness and Clinical Reframing Tools, Meditation, and Yogic Technologies, you will improve and gain access to healing patterns of relating, fatigue, and burnout.     — You will experience  – An amazing journey into the feminine energy through an all-inclusive Luxurious retreat that includes: Beachview Luxurious Accommodations in Bali A Sequenced Journey of the Chakras Connecting to The Greek Goddess Arquetypes & Art-Based Therapies Identify & reshaping patterns of relating Receive a Gift Bag  Constellation & Dream Analysis  Daily Yoga, Meditation, & Dance! Rejuvenation Tools Mindfulness Workshops Use of Art and Symbolism for Coping & Self-Care Visits to Sacred Balinese Temples & Sites 1 Complimentary Bodywork session Daily Access to Spa & Pool Daily Organic Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Ceremony, Ritual, & Much much more! With more than 15 years of experience in the world of women, wellness, and awakening, Jessica Brazil, LCSW (Mindful Living Group – Hawaii) has launched the journey of a lifetime into the feminine power! We are so excited to invite you join us for this amazing 2B Goddess Self-Care Retreat on the magical island of Bali. A powerful, potent, lasting experience awaits you! — Benefits – You will create a stronger sense of self-worth, empowerment and rejuvenation in your daily life.   You will also — Improve your self-love and appreciation Expand yourself in all areas of your life, work, intimacy, relationships, mental, spiritual, and physical health Discover your parts and patterns that generate unhappiness and develop a plan for change Connections – connect with a group of amazing women in health, wellness, and leadershp and develop your feminine global community Learn abpout and practice powerful mindfulness techniques Explore the hero’s journey and cultivate a stronger connection to balancing your morals and ethics Visit sacred places and dive deeper into the magical side of the feminine arquetypes  Develop a Personalized Goddess Self-Care Toolkit Retreat includes – 4 NIGHTS – 5 DAYS  — 3 and a half day of inner-work in a luxurious beachview estate near Uluwatu Bali with Bhuvana and Jess — 1 full day trip to the Purah Besakih “Holly of Hollies” Temple and a 1/2 day trip to Uluwatu Temple or Beach with Feminine rituals. – *4 Nights in a Double OR Single Occupancy Room with Fresh, healthy 0rganic breakfast, lunch AND dinners!  — Round-trip airport transfers, Welcome drink, refreshing face towel, and complimentary massage, Unlimited complimentary filtered drinking water, Wifi. — Daily Yoga classes & infinity pool offering dramatic views of the Indian Ocean. — Concierge services, Daily housekeeping & Much More! Get ready for positive LIFE-CHANGING shifts in consciousness that LAST! LIMITED SPACE – GET YOUR SPOT NOW Double Occupancy PRICE USD $1,208.00  Single Occupancy US $1,608.00  Bonus!!!     * GODDESS GIFT BAG –      * CHAKRA DANCE MEDITATION CD      * FREE GODDESS E-BOOK  ABOUT THE RETREAT LEADER: Jessica Brazil, LCSW & RYT, Spiritual Teacher & Relationship Therapist is the Founder of the Mindful Living Group, a Maui holistic health & wellness center and is a motivational speaker and international retreat leader. Pioneer & Author of the 100 Mindful Days Project, she has given many talks to businesses and groups on mindful living and the power of presence. She completed her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work in 2006 and is a Certified Yoga Teacher through the National Yoga Alliance and International Kundalini Yoga Research Institute (IKYTA) studying with leading Sikh Gurus. With over 15 years of direct clinical and yoga/meditation experience, she currently specializes in treating a variety of mental health disorders and somatic symptoms through a variety of treatment models including yoga, meditation, solution-focused, existentialism, and multiple mindfulness-based therapeutic models. A leading expert in the field of mindfulness (present-moment awareness), Jessica leads local and international retreats and has given many workshops, yoga classes, sound & visualization meditations, presented at festivals and international conferences and events, and created innovative curriculum for continuing education trainings and events for
 associations, conferences, businesses, retreat groups, and agencies. Jessica specializes in working with entrepreneurs, professional athletes, public figures, celebrities, and is open to working with people who comes with an open heart and mind. She has consulted on some of the most complex body-mind-spirit challenges for children and adults in established institutions and in her thriving private practice. She consults in several private schools and businesses and has presented on Mindfulness and the 100 Mindful Day Project at the National Association of Social Workers’ Annual Conference in Washington DC, lead Mindfulness workshops with the Medtronic Foundation annual event in 2018, trains faculty at Seabury Hall, served as Maui Recovery’s Director of Mindfulness Programs, and provides ongoing support to Liliuokalani Trust. She has been consulted by US Senator Hirono’s & Schatz’ offices and leads a team of leading edge health and wellness providers on Maui. Jessica is an Instructor for the University of Hawaii, and has served on a variety of professional boards and associations. Skydiver and short-board surfer, adventure enthusiast, and former SUP-Yoga 2017 mindfulness model for Naish are a few of her private life accomplishments. Her passion is spending time with her husband and helping people through a variety of healing arts and play modalities to live their greatest potential. Her greatest contribution to life is extending her love of life into being present with others in a compassionate way and in doing so watching them heal and grow. “I can’t thank you enough. I really want you to know in ONE session and you changed my life. I began a journey that day that will never end thanks to you.” (2018 client) RETREAT OBJECTIVES 2B Self-Care Goddess Retreat Objectives: Participants will learn and experience: How somatic awareness and the chakras are related to mindfulness, self-care tool development, self-awareness, and processing of emotion and the stress response. The importance of creating self-care, self-love, and ritual to recover from compassion fatigue and over-output from the many roles social workers and women in particular play Examine how strengthening self-awareness, self-care, and self-esteem enhance Ethical social work practice. Learn multiple tools and lifestyle rituals and routines that enhance energy, generate morale and ethical behavior, and joy. Learn about the Goddess Journey through Parts Awareness including learning the 8 Cs of Self, internal family systems theory, the archetypes, and identifying dysfunctional parts. Practice somatic awareness through chakra looping to effectively process stress, emotion, and creativity. Experience a rebirthing process of releasing and re-organizing dysfunctional parts contributing to stress and fatigue. Cultivate greater self love, compassionate present moment awareness (or Divine Love) through an internal safe-space mastery process. Learn about the stages of relationship through an evidence-based path for creating a healthy, happy intimate relationship. (Gottman) Enhance awareness around the importance and use of ritual for self-care and healing. NASW CE APPROVAL PENDING – NO PARTIAL CE CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN. The State of Hawai`i has designated the National Association of Social Workers Hawai’i Chapter as an approving body for continuing education activities in the State of Hawai`i. The chapter offers organizations and individuals the opportunity to provide formal continuing education activities to social workers and receive continuing education (CE) contact hours. This program has been approved by NASW for 18.5 CEs. According to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs for LMFTs, as defined in Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”) 451J-1: “Continuing education courses” means courses approved by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy: Hawaii Division (currently known as Hawaiian Islands Association for Marriage and Family Therapy), American Psychological Association, Hawaii Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers, or National Board for Certified Counselors and Affiliates, Inc.  RETREAT SCHEDULE  2B Goddess Self-Care Retreat 201926-JunSchedule3-3:30pmCheck-in, welcome beverage, spa reservations (Yin Time), & self-care inventory3:30-3:45pmWelcome, Schedule & 2B Experience Mission & Vision3:45-5:45pm 1.0 Ethics, 1.0 Clinical (2.0 Total)Journey of the Chakras, Self-Awareness, and Social Ethics-       Introduction to Jungian Psychology & The Goddess Archetypes-       Introduction to the Chakras-       Navigating Trust & Vulnerability-       Navigating Social Work ethics, safety, boundaries, promotion of social justice, and balancing personal and professional responsibilities.-       Strategies & Solutions for navigating Ethical challenges around professional self-care, work-life & relationship balance and client & business needs.Objectives:1.     Participants will learn about the levels of consciousness in Jungian Psychology and how that relates to belief systems about self-care, societal morals, and social work values & ethics.2.     Participants will learn trust-strengthening exercises that generate feelings of vulnerability and how they can relate to the expression of particular archetypes in a variety of settings and identify ethical challenges that arise in the vulnerability & trust developmental journey.3.     Participants will learn about unique feminine challenges in a variety of settings and identify anchoring ethical principles for navigating challenging situations in a variety of settings.4.     Participants will learn about the importance of self-care and boundaries for ethical decision-making.5:45-6:00pmBreak6:00-7:00 pm 1.0 ClinicalSomatic Awareness, Self-Care, & Alignment Strategies-       Self-Care Inventory-       The 5 Senses & Somatic Awareness-       Navigating The Nervous System-       Meditation & Mindful Moments: What is Meditation & the Neuroscience of meditation-       Alignment Self-Screening: Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual-       Journey of the Chakras: What are the Chakras, why are then importation to be aware of for alignment & self care solutions (Mindfulness)-       The Goddess Self-Care ToolkitObjectives1.     Participants will complete a self-care inventory assessment and develop awareness of what areas they are strong in self-care and areas in need of strengthening.2.     Participants will learn at least 5-10 new self-care tools.3.     Participants will identify at least 3 strategies for incorporating self-care into existing lifestyles.4.     Participants will learn at least 2 new self care tools to support centering and grounding when facing ethical dilemmas and challenges.5.     Participants will learn how the nervous system and 5 senses are connected to the stress response.7:00-8:00 pmYin Time: Massages, Journaling, Connection, Solitude8:00-9:30pmWelcome Dinner9:30-10:30pmGoddess Dance & Meditation  27-Jun 8-9:15amHip & Heart Expansion Yoga with Jess9:15-10:15amBreakfast10:30am-12:30pm 2.0 ClinicalThe Goddess Journey: Parts Awareness-       The Goddess Archetypes (Internal Family Systems)-       Working with Archetypes to discover and re-write patterns-       Practices of Unburdening and re-scripting.-       Parts Mapping-       Self-Esteem, Developmental Theory, & Feminine expressions in patriarchal societies and workplace leadership.Objectives1.     Participants will learn about the use of metaphors and mythology, including the Goddess archetypes such as the mother, priestess, villan, etc. in story telling in clinical settings and existing roles.2.     Participants will discover inner beliefs about archetypes and parts.3.     Participants will learn how to rewrite and integrate various parts into harmonious functioning.12:30-1:30pmLunch1:30-3:30Yin-Time: Massage, Journaling, Pool, Healing Sessions3:30-5:00pmBeach Outing5:00-7:00pmGoddess Circle, Sunset Meditation, & BBQ7:30-8:30pmGoddess Rituals Workshop & Beautification-       Feminine Essence-       Beautifying the body, mind, and spirit8:30-9:30pmSensuality & Sweets (Dessert)9:30-10:30pmGoddess Dance & Meditation  28-Jun 8-9:15amElevation Yoga with Jess9:15-10:15amBreakfast10:30-5:30pmPura Besakih Temple “Holly of Hollies” & Lunch Out5:30-7:30pmYin-Time: Massage, Journaling, Pool, Healing Sessions7:30-9:00pmDinner9-10pm 1.0Chakra Looping: Somatic Awareness-       Chakra alignment practices through visualization-       Somatic & Sensory awareness exercises-       Breath workObjectives:1.     Participants will learn how to identify somatic symptoms and which chakra is affiliated as well as at least 1 method of neutralizing discomfort.2.     Participants will learn alignment strategies to enhance awareness and decision-making skills in a variety of situations and settings (social work, healthcare, finances, work-environment, and family life)3.     Participants will identify nervous system signals and practice shifting from energized to calming.  29-Jun 8-9:15amRebirthing Yoga & Meditation with Jess9:15-10:15amBreakfast10:30-12:30pm 2.0Rebirthing Dysfunctional Internal Family Systems-       The 8 Cs of Self (Schwartz)-       Expression of Parts, Metaphors, & Archetypes for healing and self-care-       Parts Mapping-       Rewriting Maladaptive Beliefs, Unburdening-       Grief, Acceptance, & Rebirthing-       (Ruin, Tenderness, Acceptance & Forgiveness)-       Group ProcessObjectives1.     Participants will learn about Internal Family Systems theory and the identification of the 8 Cs of Self2.     Participants will learn about the use of metaphors and archetypes for healing and self care3.     Participants will practice parts mapping and rewriting maladaptive beliefs.4.     Participants will experience unburdening through the group process of rebirthing through ritual and ceremony.5.     Participants will learn about how cultural practices can be incorporated into ritual and ceremony for healing6.     Participants will be able to reference their experience with the previous days temple visit to develop and experience unburdening through ritual and ceremony12:00-1:00pmLunch1:30-4:30pmTemple/Sacred Sit Visit4:00-6:00Yin-Time: Massage, Journaling, Pool, Healing Sessions6:00-8:00pm 2.0Divine Love Mastery & The Relationship Journey – Creating the Relationship of your Dreams –       The God-dess – cultivating an inner love sanctuary-       Developmental Stages of Relationship and Intimacy-       The Four Horsemen (Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, Stonewalling) that kill the love connection (Gottman)-       Forgiveness & Freedom with the Masculine-       Breaking Patterns, loops, and karmic cycles – Antidotes to the 4 Horsemen (Gottman)-       Divine Love & Connection-       Rising in Love – Adding Tools to the Goddess Self-Care Toolkit8:00-9:30pmDinner9:30-10:30pmSound Bath TBD  30-Jun 8-9:15amExpansion & Joy Yoga with Jess9:15-10:15amBreakfast10:30-11:30amGoodbye, Gratitude, & Gifts of Presence12pmCheckout   Contact US for your FREE GODDESS E-BOOK and complimentary discovery session at: or call/whatsapp +1808-205-3711. We look forward to sharing in your presence.    

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