Shivaratri Fire Puja

  • Thursday, March 11, 2021
  • 2:00pm
  • Paramashiva Center + Surya Retreat, Blanco, TX
Shivaratri Fire Puja


Fire pujas are one of the most ancient and sacred ceremonies in the Vedic tradition. Through the fire, the Divine is invoked through the power of mantra and sankalpam (spiritual intention or prayers).

Special offerings are cast into the fire while Sanskrit mantras are chanted, and the combined energy of the fire, offerings, and mantras generates powerful spiritual vibrations that bless and purify everyone present, spreading peace and healing through the world.

We invite you to join us at our center in Blanco, TX every full and new moon to experience the healing power of this ancient practice.

Fire pujas are a great way to recharge huge negativity while also receiving high positivity. The destruction of stuck energy and old karma frees you to create something beautiful and new in its place.

Ramakrishna received direct training from saint Sri Kaleshwar Swami on how to perform fire pujas.  He has been performing fire pujas for over 25 years all around the world and now at our home center in Blanco, TX. 


March 11th (Thur.): 4:00 pm Shivaratri

March 13th (Sat.): 5:00 pm New Moon

March 15th (Mon.): 4:00 pm Sri Kaleshwar Mahasamadhi

March 28th (Sun): 4:00 pm Full Moon (Holi)

April 4th (Sun): 4:00 pm Easter:

April 11th (Sun): 4:00 pm New Moon

April 25th (Sun): 4:00 pm Full Moon


+ Flowers, incense, or white rice (optional)

+ Brown coconut to use for your personal blessing (optional)
+ Blanket/Chair to sit on (ones will also be provided)
+ Suggested dakshina $20
* donations are used to purchase puja supplies


All the knowledge and techniques we teach come directly from the ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India that have been handed down through the lineages of saints in India, protected and kept secret.  Indian saint Sri Kaleshwar taught this knowledge directly to Ramakrishna. Sri Kaleshwar’s guru was Shirdi Sai Baba.

Previously these manuscripts were hidden from the world and only a few were given access. Sri Kaleshwar released the knowledge saying the time has come to help the world in this time of great need. This knowledge reveals the formulas to unlock and develop a direct personal channel to the Divine.



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