Snatam Kaur Workshop in Boulder

  • Thursday, September 21, 2023
  • 5:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Workshop @ Unity of Boulder, Boulder, CO
Snatam Kaur Workshop in Boulder

Alleviating Fear and Anxiety through the Shabad Saas Saas 

Snatam Kaur will lead a new workshop called Alleviating Fear and Anxiety through the Shabad Saas Saas.  This  three-and-a-half-hour seated workshop will combine sacred posture, breath, and meditation practice with instruction in Saas Saas, a sacred poem composed by Guru Arjan who lived in the 16th century in northern India.

Snatam shared that “the Saas Saas Shabad is not only an instruction in terms of how to deal with anxiety and stress, but I have found that it also simply does the work of letting these challenging energies go within our systems so that we can come back to who we truly are.” 

Workshop participants will learn the meaning and pronunciation of Saas Saas.  They will also experience extended, in-depth chanting of this Shabad with Snatam, and live improvisational music by Snatam’s band, Ram Dass, Grecco Buratto, and Sukhmani Rayat, will underscore the workshop experience. 

Support for a 40 day practice will be offered for participants after the workshop to fully integrate the energy of this Shabad. The 40-day commitment is a deeply moving experience that supports chanters and musicians, brings clarity to parenting, career, and relationships, and can help participants understand the sacredness of their life’s work.

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