Solstice Celebration!

  • Friday, December 22, 2023
  • 6:00pm - 10:00pm
  • The Roundhouse , Santa Fe, New Mexico
Solstice Celebration!

Honoring the sacred cycles of time, we will come together as our ancestors once did to honor the rebirth of the Sun and the lengthening of days. Join us on Friday December 22nd as we celebrate the winter solstice and call in the new year together!

Held within a beautiful temple space in the Tesuque desert, this intimate Solstice Celebration Ceremony integrates the ecstatic arts of breathwork, cold exposure, dance and creative expression with a guided meditation and soundclosing before sharing a meal together in circle.

Doors open at 5:30pm. Please arrive fasting at least 2-3 hours for breathwork journey. Light snacks/refreshments will be served after breathwork journey. 

We will start promptly at 6pm with a land blessing meditation and breathwork journey. The breathwork will bring us into a more expansive state and awaken our bodies for dancing and icebaths. Participants are invited to experience a 2 minute cold plunge (ice bath) around the sacred fire with drumming. In addition to the myriad benefits of cold exposure, this medicine will also prime us for embodying our most ecstatic expression on the dancefloor! DJ Erin E (from Team Everything) will be dropping a special 2 hour solstice set during which participants are also invited to imbibe with plant elixirs crafted by Materia Artium Laboratories and receive chair massages by our licensed massage therapists! We will also have a large communal canvas for everyone to co-create a work of art together. Finally, a guided meditation and soundclosing will bring us back to earth before we share in the sacred circle.

Erin E brings an ear for unique sounds to her energetic and genre-bending dj sets. Integrating global gems with sometimes heavy, sometimes heavenly percussive and melodic force, she strips back dance music to something we all can relate to. Constantly searching for the essence of the sound – be it deep & dub techno, electronic folklore, house or beyond- she cultivates a bassy dancefloor (and headphone) experience that transcends stereotype.

She is currently working on an ongoing series of place-based ‘immersive’ mixes, created and performed in wild spaces alone or with a very small crew of intimate listeners.

Based in Santa Fe, NM, Erin E loves, above all, creating the space for a transformative, positive experience through music and creative community.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines:
Ecstatic dance is a freeform dance – feel free to dance as you please!
Opening and closing the dance together honors community and creates intention.
We welcome you to make sounds on the dance floor. If you wish to engage in conversation, please do so in the designated area
Ecstatic Dance encourages barefoot dancing (unless you have a medical condition)
Ecstatic dance is a drug and alcohol free event, encouraging you to naturally induce the state of ecstasy

Dancing with others:
listen for a Yes (get eye contact first)
Respect any no (like when they are ignoring you!)
Respect the Solo Dancers’ Right to their Space -hands in prayer at heart means: “I see you, and thank you for the dance (that just ended!).”

To participate in breathwork and cold plunges, please refrain from eating a heavy meal for AT LEAST 2 (preferably 3 hours) before the start of the event.

Please bring
yoga mat, blanket for breathwork;
bathing suit and towel for cold plunges; and
loose and comfortable clothing and water bottle for dancing! 

Questions? Please email Michael: selaipup at gmail dot com

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