SOULSTICE • An Online Solstice Gathering

  • Friday, June 16, 2023
  • 7:00pm - 8:30pm
SOULSTICE • An Online Solstice Gathering

SOULSTICE: An online healing Solstice Ritual Gathering designed to restore and integrate your past, present + future selves!

Gain clarity, release limiting beliefs, and set empowering intentions for the new chapter that awaits you!

Join us for a transformative and soul-nourishing online meditation event, as we dive deep into the realms of healing, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening. This powerful gathering, led by two remarkable women who are masters in energy healing, counseling, and intuitive guidance, is designed to uplift your spirit and prepare you for a new beginning.

During this 90-minute meditation and transmission held on June 16th, in alignment with the upcoming solstice and new moon, we will embark on a profound journey of self-exploration and integration. Together, we will explore various modalities that encompass the essence of the new age, combining sound healing, journaling practices, and an upper world shamanic journey.

Allow the soothing sounds and vibrations to wash over you as our skilled sound healers create a harmonious atmosphere for deep relaxation and inner balance. Through this auditory voyage, you will experience a heightened state of awareness and tap into the healing potential of sound, dissolving any energetic blockages and harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit.

Our journaling practices will serve as a powerful tool for self-reflection and self-expression. Guided prompts will help you delve into your past, embrace your present, and envision your future. By connecting with your authentic self on a profound level, you will gain clarity, release limiting beliefs, and set empowering intentions for the new chapter that awaits you.

The highlight of this event is the upper world shamanic journey, where you will embark on a mystical voyage to gather your past, present, and future selves. Guided by our intuitive facilitators, you will navigate the spiritual realms, retrieve valuable insights, and merge the wisdom of all your aspects into a unified whole. This integration process will anchor you firmly into this new beginning, enabling you to step into your highest potential with confidence and grace.

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, this event is open to all who seek to deepen their spiritual practice and embrace personal transformation. Together, we will create a sacred space of love, support, and growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this extraordinary online meditation event on June 16th. Prepare yourself for the upcoming solstice and new moon by nourishing your soul, expanding your consciousness, and igniting the divine spark within.

Please note: This event requires an internet connection and a quiet space where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Registration is open now, and limited spots are available. Secure your place and embark on this empowering journey of self-discovery.


About Your Guides: 

Michelle Coutinho is a healer, songstress, and empowerment coach who helps spiritual seekers attune to a deeper resonance with their voice, presence, and own their personal power. She is the creator of Vocal Alchemy and Embodiment, a process that rewires the energetic nervous system using the voice as a gateway to the subtle body to create a sense of lightness and expansion that releases stored trauma from the mental and emotional body and heals the psyche on a multi dimensional level.

Kristen Blair, founder of "Pin Oak Rising", is the host of Pin Oak Relax and Retreats. She is a Reiki Master and Motivational Guide who utilizes Tarot and Oracle cards to assist in guidance for your divine path. Walking her spiritual path for many years, delving into topics related to shadow work, inner child healing, meditation, mindfulness, divination, reiki healing, self love embodiment, astral projection, lucid dreaming and more. 

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