Sri Kalki Soma Deeksha Event, Costa Mesa, CA

  • Saturday, January 6, 2024
  • 2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Visions and Dreams, Costa Mesa, CA
Sri Kalki Soma Deeksha Event, Costa Mesa, CA


Experience the Grace of the Great Compassionate Light Sri Amma Bhagavan through the miracle of SOMA.

What is Soma?

Soma is the “elixir of the Gods”, a substance miraculously downloaded from higher realms. This profound blessing activates higher state of consciousness and brings about extraordinary personal and physical miracles. Soma can manifest in different forms: honey, turmeric, Kumkum, sacred ash. It can also be downloaded directly into the person or into water that has been blessed. 

What you should bring:

  • At least one sealed bottle of water
  • Your openness to the possibility of miracles
  • Your willingness to experience whatever you are experiencing

After the process, your sealed bottle of water will be infused with Soma Blessings. This blessed water may have bubbles, change in taste or texture. You will taste the Soma and experience a change in your state – inner dialog quiets down, deep peace and causeless joy experienced. You will bring the rest of the blessed water home to consume over time.

Participants are experiencing transformational miracles for Health and Well Being, Wealth, Success and Abundance, Loving Relationships, Bliss, Silence, Peace, Tranquility, Deeper Connection with their Personal Divine, and Enlightenment.

Thank you for coming and bringing others to experience the miracle of expansion in consciousness-expanding miracle of Sri Kalki Soma Deeksha. And thank you for fulfilling your unique role in making the world a better place – for all of humanity!  

We welcome everyone to attend the event and please reach out to us if you are experiencing monetary hardship. The net proceeds go towards need based scholarships for GAM events. 

Soma Video from Netherlands

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