Stress Detox Workshop in Person at Gavilan College

  • Saturday, February 17, 2024 - Saturday, February 24, 2024
  • Gavilan College, Gilroy, CA
Stress Detox Workshop in Person at Gavilan College

Join us for a 2-day immersive experience to Detox Stress from your body, mind, and brain. We will meet on two consecutive Saturdays.

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This workshop will be small so that everyone can be heard and participate fully. At most, there will be 10 people.

Stress detox from Oneness (Ekam) is a 2-day meditation, 14+ hours of immersive experience to detox stress from body, mind and brain of the innumerable side effects and the toxicity it spreads within and without.

Statistics show stress as the cause of numerous diseases, depression, poor performance, unhealthy team politics, broken systems and families.

Stress is no longer an epidemic but a pandemic for it spreads from an individual to a group to systems to communities and nations spreading division and chaos both internally and externally. In its wake, it seems to cause growth but destruction simmers all through the eco-system of life like a silent volcano.
Stress detox is an insightful meditation-based approach to detoxing stress.
You experience restfulness in your body, spaciousness in your brain promoting creativity, and ease-ness in your mind. As you are detoxed, it allows team coherence, excellence and transforms the culture of the organization. It allows you as an individual to ease into personal relationships with greater awareness and presence. And face challenges with calm.
With its simple yet vibrant and penetrating insights and meditations, the stress-detox program cleanses you on multiple dimensions and rewires your brain for greater positivity and energy, calm and clarity, love and power.

Stress detox is designed to be a straightforward solution to mental and emotional stress to you, your family, and your organization.

  • You could bring a yoga mat, water bottle, blanket, notebook and pen, lunch, and a snack. You will need to take off your shoes so please bring socks and/or slippers.
  • Please email me at if you have any questions.

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