Summer Solstice Shiva Empowerment | Live Stream

  • Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
Summer Solstice Shiva Live Stream Class

Charge Up, Expand & Anchor the Bliss of Being

A Transformative Yoga Empowerment to Attune to Shiva

As the Summer Solstice approaches, we stand on the threshold of a powerful moment—the longest day of the year, when solar prana is at its peak. This is a sacred time for renewal, growth, and spiritual evolution. It’s the perfect moment to deepen your practice and realign with your highest self.
Join Ananda Das and Yashoda Devi Ma on Thursday, June 20th at 10am PDT for a FREE Summer Solstice live stream empowerment dedicated to Shiva. Replay will be available.
Why Shiva? Shiva is the great yogi, the embodiment of radical presence, silence, stillness, and expansiveness. Attuning to Shiva helps us anchor in the eternal bliss of being, transcending the limiting beliefs and stories that confine us. The solstice, with its potent energy, is an especially auspicious time to connect with Shiva and break free from the patterns that keep us stuck.
Your Instructors: 
Yashoda Devi Ma: She is a revered meditation and yoga teacher based in Boulder, Colorado. Her unique ability to weave ancient yogic principles into engaging, modern-day practices makes her a sought-after guide for those seeking profound spiritual experiences. With over 20 years of experience in Vedic Meditation and as a Master Sattva Yoga teacher, she brings depth, wisdom, and a transformative touch to every session.
Ananda Das: He is an accomplished Bhakti Yoga teacher and kirtan artist. With over 16 albums and 3 million streams, his soulful mantras and music deeply resonate within the global yoga community. He is a Master Sattva and Kundalini Yoga teacher and is the founder of the Modern Bhakti Yoga Academy. He offers a 300 hour teacher training as well as hosts an online membership platform. Whether through his powerful chants or insightful teachings, Ananda Das guides students toward profound spiritual and personal growth.
Together, they offer a dynamic and enriching blend of:
  • Yoga Practices: To open your body and elevate your spirit.
  • Meditations: To deepen your inner peace and awareness.
  • Wisdom Teachings: To inspire and enlighten your path.
  • Chanting: To resonate with the divine energy of Shiva.
Join Them for a Transformative Experience This is more than a practice; it’s a powerful journey into the heart of your being. Come ready to connect deeply with Shiva, dissolve barriers, and embrace the boundless bliss that is your true nature.
Don’t Miss Out—reserve your spot now and prepare to transform your practice, expand your awareness, and anchor the bliss of being.
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