Teachings with Ascended Master Chung Fu

  • Saturday, October 10, 2020
  • 8:30pm
Teachings with Ascended Master Chung Fu

Please join us for our monthly Live International online event with Chung Fu – You can join from anywhere in the World – either by phone, Skype or Online…

If you would like to join the Video Live Stream of this event then please go to this separate registration page HERE – no need to also register on this page:-)

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This event includes:

  • teachings from Chung Fu – a spirit guide channelled by Sally Pullinger
  • guided journeys to connect with your higher self
  • LOVE brought directly to you through this transmission
  • Q & A

Come and spend some precious time with Chung Fu, an ascended being from the worlds of light, speaking directly to you through deep trance medium Sally Pullinger.

Chung Fu explains that his main purpose in communicating at this time is to help us grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally strong in order to meet the extraordinary challenges of our present-day world.

You have been born at this special time because you are part of a big wave of humanity coming forward to create change in the world.

Chung Fu helps you to understand the enormous power and support available to you on the inner plane, and to develop your light body in order to be able to better receive the love, wisdom and guidance of the light beings working with you. Once you open to this deep soul connection, he brings you simple tools in plain language that are easy to understand, and encourages you to make space in your life to literally rebuild your mental and emotional bodies and expand your light body to be able to fully encompass and contain the power and presence of your higher self.

From there not even the Sky is the limit – you can access Infinity and Beyond!

If you are feeling called then you can buy tickets on this page for an audio only experience or go to the links above for a video livestream <3

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