The Gift Worldwide Premiere

  • Saturday, December 19, 2020 - Monday, December 21, 2020
The Gift Worldwide Premiere

“We are not here on earth to change our destiny but to fulfill it.”  ― Guy Finley


The TRUE transformation you crave and desire to
manifest in the world is happening NOW.

The Gift Worldwide Premiere is a FREE live global event that will change your life – and the world we know today!  

Now, in the final days of 2020, we stand at the threshold of accelerated emergence. 

It is a crucial time for all of us, everywhere, in every corner of the world. 

So many people right now are paralyzed by constant fear, feeling isolated, disconnected, polorized and distracted by appearances, unable to realize the true power they have to shift our circumstances. 

What if we could wake up to discover all fear, worry, doubt, lack, and limitation emancipated from our lives?

The truth is, we are moving into Alignment.  

There is no stopping the Evolution happening in the world right now. 

We are the designers, engineers, and architects of our reality. 

What lies beyond the door of 2021 is up to US to choose!

But How? 

We know up until now you have been told not to worry about the how, that the how doesn’t matter. 

But I believe its your birthright to know how.   

And NOW is the time. 


Are you ready to receive your Gift?



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