The Hidden Truths of Jesus: Virtual Retreat

  • Saturday, March 23, 2024 - Sunday, March 31, 2024
The Hidden Truths of Jesus: Virtual Retreat

Embark on a transformative 9-day journey to unlock a deeper understanding of Jesus’ life, with a special focus on the profound influence of the Divine Feminine. This comprehensive course goes beyond the free event, providing a richer exploration and practical tools to elevate your spiritual connection.

Unearth the Secrets of the Divine Feminine:

This program delves into the lesser-known narrative of Jesus’ life, emphasizing the pivotal role of the Divine Feminine throughout his journey. You’ll explore:

• The Crucifixion and the Divine Mother: Experience a profound exploration of the events leading to the crucifixion, focusing on the presence and significance of the Divine Feminine during this critical time.

• The Divine Feminine’s Guiding Light: Dive deep into the sacred mysteries, uncovering how Divine Feminine energies supported Jesus’ mission, as revealed in ancient palm leaf wisdom and the teachings of enlightened masters.

• Forty Years in India: Unveil the hidden chapters of Jesus’ life in India, preserved for millennia. Discover how he further developed his profound teachings while deeply connected with the Divine Feminine essence.

Unparalleled Depth and Experiences:

In addition to the focus on the Divine Feminine, this course offers a wealth of knowledge and powerful experiences:

• 2 Satsangs with Spiritual Guides: Gain profound wisdom through interactive sessions with Mataji, Nityanandaji, and Ramakrishna.

• 3 Holy Baths (Abisheks): Participate in sacred purification ceremonies for a deeper cleansing and energetic renewal.

• 3 Sacred Fire Ceremonies with Jesus Energy Transmissions: Connect with Jesus’s energy through powerful fire rituals designed to awaken your inner potential, with a special focus on integrating the Divine Feminine aspect.

• 7 Guided Meditations & Group Energy Process: Experience guided meditations and group energy processes specifically designed to connect with the Divine Feminine and Jesus’s transformative power.

• 13 Energy Blessing Transmissions: Receive a series of potent energy transmissions aligned with the Divine Feminine for spiritual growth and alignment.

• 1 Healing Meditation Music Concert: Immerse yourself in a transformative sound experience designed to promote healing, inner peace, and a deeper connection to the Divine Feminine.

• Full Program Course with Lifetime Access: Gain exclusive access to the course materials for life, allowing you to revisit the teachings and practices whenever you wish.

This course is ideal for those who want to:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Jesus’ life, emphasizing the Divine Feminine’s influence.

Apply practical meditations and techniques to connect with the Divine Feminine and deepen your spiritual connection.

Unravel the mysteries of Jesus’ teachings and his time in India, all woven with the essence of the Divine Feminine.

Engage with a like-minded community on this unique exploration of Jesus’ legacy.

Experience the profound power of Satsangs, Holy Baths, Fire Ceremonies, Energy Transmissions, and a Healing Meditation Music Concert, all designed to enhance your connection with the Divine Feminine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and experience the transformative power of Jesus’ teachings, forever intertwined with the Divine Feminine.

Our esteemed presenters, Mataji, Nityanandaji, and Ramakrishna, are all modern-day spiritual teachers with a unique lineage. Trained by the late Sri Kaleshwar, they possess the ability to channel and transmit powerful divine feminine energy (shaktipat), even in an online setting. This lineage grants them the authority and knowledge of ancient techniques for generating and transferring divine love and power – the transformative energy of the Mother Divine.



Mataji (Monika ‘Mataji’ Taylor of Penukonda) is recognized as a divine presence on Earth. She bridges the East and West, making profound teachings and experiences of the Divine Mother accessible to all. Mataji was trained first by the miraculous Swami Baba Muktananda in her twenties. From 1997-2012 she lived and completed her training in India with modern-day miraculous saint Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) of Penukonda. Mataji is the living lineage dedicated to the Divine Mother. Sri Kaleshwar transferred this to her in December 2011.

Sri Kaleshwar said of her, “Monika (Mataji) belongs to the Divine Mother Kanaka Durga’s feet. She is a Divine Ma on the planet. She will walk and give a lot of wisdom and clarity to bloom wisdom. She will bless millions of people on the planet. She’s going to do it.”

Nityanandaji (Dr. Clint Thompson)

Nityanandaji (Clint Thompson, MD) is a master teacher and healer. He studied with Sri Kaleshwar for 15 years in India to train soul healers and spiritual students in the West. As a physician, he has over 35 years of experience from Chief Resident at UCSF to running rural health clinics for the underserved poor. He was Sri Kaleshwar’s personal physician and assistant in many high-energy processes.

Nitayandaji founded the Divine Mother Center in 2004 and trains students, teachers, and soul healers throughout the world.


Ramkrishna (Mark Jenkins) was trained by the modern-day saint, Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) of Penukonda, India. He spent 10 years studying with him in India. Ramakrishna is blessed with the ability to create and transmit divine power or Shakti for healing, teaching, and uplifting souls.

Ramakrishna is the co-founder of the Paramashiva Yoga Healing Center and he teaches students students in-person and online and co-leads annual power journeys to India.

Mataji, Nityanandaji, and Ramakrishna were all trained to perform in-person and distance high divine energy transmissions (shaktipat). Sri Kaleshwar passed on to them the authority and knowledge of ancient spiritual techniques for generating and transferring divine love and power – the Mother’s shakti.

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