The Maha Kirtan Band @ Portland New Church

  • Saturday, March 9, 2024
  • 8:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Portland New Church, Portland, ME
The Maha Kirtan Band @ Portland New Church

Introducing The Maha Kirtan Band, a harmonious convergence of diverse musical backgrounds and impassioned spirits, united by their profound love for kirtan and yoga. Comprising of Maharaj Miller, Anthony Picone, Kate Manuell, Justin Rodriguez, and Jessica Ramsay, this eclectic ensemble seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of musical influences that include rock, rap, Indian classical, folk, and jazz.

The Maha Kirtan Band found its roots at Maha Yoga Shala, where these talented individuals discovered a shared passion for the transformative power of kirtan. Drawing inspiration from their unique musical histories, the band embarked on a journey to infuse traditional kirtan chants with a fusion of genres, creating a sound that is as dynamic and diverse as the musicians themselves.

From the vibrant energy of live performances across New England to gracing the stage at large events like Kula Yoga Festival, The Maha Kirtan Band has captivated audiences with their soul-stirring melodies and contagious devotion. The band’s commitment to authenticity and self-expression is evident in their philosophy – each member’s True Voice shines brightly in every chant, whether through vocals or instrumentation.

The Maha Kirtan Band’s debut album – Heart Revival, crafted in the intimate confines of their home recording studios, not only marked a significant milestone but also served as the crucible for honing their distinctive sound. It is a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries, inviting listeners to experience the union of collective voices, creating kirtan music unlike anything heard before.

At the heart of their philosophy is the profound belief that the love shared among the band members translates into a deep bhav (devotional love) that permeates their music. The Maha Kirtan Band invites you to join them on a journey where diverse influences converge, and the power of collective love transforms every chant into a transcendent experience.

Find out more about them on Instagram @themahakirtanband or

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