The Power of the Beautiful State, Santa Monica

  • Saturday, April 27, 2024
  • 12:00pm
  • Bigelow Residence, Santa Monica, CA
The Power of the Beautiful State, Santa Monica

The POWER OF A BEAUTIFUL STATE is a dynamic course created by Oneness, designed to shift you from stress and overload OR lack of motivation and lethargy to harmony, increased energy, and clarity. We call this calm connection The Beautiful State.

This weekend journey is for those who have never experienced meditation and for those who have been on a path of well-being for years. It can benefit all walks, paths, and lifestyles, because The Power of The Beautiful State is for anyone who wants to awaken to greater harmony in life.

By participating in this interactive experiential-driven course, you will learn:

• Powerful meditation practices that will aid you in building resiliency

• Access Universal Intelligence as resource for greater connection, creativity, and abundance

• How to use BREATH, as a powerful tool to return you to the present moment

• How to develop Self Awareness and Observation as a super-power to bring a sense of freedom to your life

Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, founders of EKAM, have created a course that is a balance of neuroscience & mystic science, and Universal wisdom with ancient processes.

This course IS a roadmap for a Beautiful Life where you will experience your relationships and the world around you notably change.

Testimonies from past participants:

"I have taken many different courses for awakening and awareness. This the first one that was truly heart-centered and intellectually-based." – Lyn A.

"This course gave me a deeper understanding of how living in a beautiful state IS the conscious path to awakening and the freedom to living a full life." – Clare U.

Power of the Beautiful State is a Stress De-Detox & Consciousness Game Changer.

Simply stated, this course re-wires repetitive, neural patterns and shifts the brain from fight or flight (survival-driven) reaction to creative (solution-oriented) responses when challenges and problems arise.



ONENESS is an international wisdom, meditation and philosophy school in southern India, fast becoming known as a world center for Enlightenment. Oneness bases its diverse online and in person programs and courses on cutting edge neuroscience and dynamic spirituality, which make it unique and inclusive.

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, Oneness founders, have a single focused vision: to help move humanity from stressful states to beautiful states, from separation to connection and from division to an inner state of Oneness.

One of Oneness’s senior faculty members from India will be joining us via live stream during the weekend to answer participant questions and deepen our experience on Day #2. In addition, the course facilitator(s) will be nurturing your growth with monthly follow-up calls after the course ends.


Saturday, April 27th: 1PM – 6:30pm EST

Sunday, April 28th: 8:30am – 4:30pm EST

More details will follow your registration.


Bigelow Residence

139  Fraser Ave.

Santa Monica, CA  90405


CJ Bigelow is an ongoing student and advanced trainer at Oneness, where she has been studying for 20 years.

CJ has been facilitating transformational workshops for over 18 years. She has worked as a script supervisor in the film business and as a yoga & meditation teacher in Los Angeles. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband, Mike, their canine bestie, Lucy and enjoy their 3 sons when they are home.

Over the past several years, CJ has facilitated programs and trainings like this one, in several cities in the US.  It is an honor & joy to bring Oneness’s wisdom and processes to you through this brilliant program.

COURSE FEE: General Admission, Repeater and Student – $150 – All tickets include take home meditation guidelines, follow up call and snacks both days.

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