The Wild Voice & The Call Within Online with Peia

  • Sunday, September 20, 2020 - Sunday, November 8, 2020
The Wild Voice & The Call Within Online with Peia

The Wild Voice and the Call Within

Embodied Voice Cultivation and Songs of the Celtic Tradition. 

This eight week course with Peia will be held Sundays at 11am Pacific Time / 8PM  European Central Time, From September 20th-November 8th. Each class will be 90 minutes and will be recorded for you to re-watch or tune into later if you are not able to make our scheduled time. 


During our time together we will explore: 

*Somatic & Embodiment tools to unblock both the singing and speaking voice & liberate our inherent expression of beauty and vitality. 

*Breath meditations and techniques to return to our natural breath cycle, which regulates the nervous system and helps to release trauma stored in the body. 

*Practices to cultivate both resonance and volume without taxing or overworking the voice

*Vocal Warm Ups and tools to stretch the vocal range gently

*Vocal Care 

*Four Songs from the Celtic Tradition that will connect us to the rituals and way of life of these ancient people. 

It is said that at it’s height the Celtic culture streched from as far South as Turkey to the North of Scotland Ireland. If you have European blood running through your veins, there is a good chance that you share an ancestral connection to the Celtic Clans. This is an opportunity to dive into both the songs and the language of this ancient culture. 

Together we will learn: 

One song in Irish to celebrate Bealtine and bless the fields and heards for the arrival of Summer

One Song in Irish to honor the Goddess Brigid

One Walking Song in Scotts Gaelic to cultivate rhythm and spirit of cooperation while working in community. 

A welsh lullaby. 


*You will muted during our classes, except in moments when you choose to share. While sharing is encouraged, it will never be mandatory.  You will always be encouraged to sing along with wild abandon and comfort from your home. 

*This Course includes access to  a private Facebook Group for continued inspiration, support and community dialog



 – A note on pricing: I am aware that because of the current situation many people are facing financial hardship. I have valued the baseline of this course at $30 an hour per person or $45 per session, totaling $360 for the 8 weeks. 


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