Todd Boston - Tuning to the One Workshop

  • Sunday, May 9, 2021
  • 9:30am - 11:00am
Todd Boston – Tuning to the One Workshop
Join Todd Boston for a special Mother’s Day online workshop titled Tuning to the One.  All levels welcome, for musicians as well as those who seek to connect and experience music in a more sustaining way. Tuning in and listening deeply are quintessential aspects of music and life.  When we sing or play an instrument we must first be still, listen and then tune.  We must learn to listen deeply to the subtle vibrations and establish a foundation for which we can express musically.

We will utilize ancient musical practices to go deeply into the vibration, to relax our nervous system, and increase our perception. Though toning with our voices, sound healing, and music as meditation we will join together as a community and feel the transformative power of music firsthand.

We all need tools to help us to tune in to our higher self, tune to the ones closest to us, tune to the world around us, and tune to our life’s purpose. Music is a tool for meditation and intuition and when we quiet our minds, listen deeply and tune in we can hear the space between the notes. Tuning to the One is about tuning into the foundation principles of music, the One, the Om, the Pulse to go deeper into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of music and life.

We will tune in using the key of C so please bring a melodic or percussion instrument or simply your presence and voice.

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