• Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • 7:00pm
  • Online Program, Toronot, Ontario
IMAGINE WORKING WITH ME FOR 90 DAYS SHIFTING THE ENERGY COACHING YOU AND GUIDING YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU DESIRE WE WILL LOOK AT THE ENERGY TOGETHER AND MAKE A ROAD MAP TO UNLOCK YOUR PATH WITH CLEAR DIRECTION!!! Time to debug your brain and rewire your programming so you can start to live your EXTRAORDINARY LIFE! ARE YOU READY TO EVOLVE AT AN EXPONENTIAL RATE IN YOUR MONEY, CAREER, HEALTH, AND RELATIONSHIPS WITH TRACY L PERSONALLY GUIDING YOU FOR 90 DAYS EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!! WELCOME TO THE EVOLUTIONARY REALM THIS IS AN INTENSE 90 DAY PROGRAM AND YOU WILL BE TRIGGERED AND IT WILL BE WORTH IT BECAUSE WE ARE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!  To create real change in the area of our lives we must be willing to be pushed to let go of the old and this is what we do to EVOLVE! If you do not push yourself to really step out of areas that are not working for you then you get left behind and eventually your life does not look the way you planned! THIS IS THE LAST SESSION UNTIL FALL 2020 YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND EVERY CLASS AS REPLAYS ARE AVAILABLE. WE WORK WITH YOUR BODY AND SCHEDULE ARE YOU WILL TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES? Are you willing to let go of people, places and things that no longer serve you?Are you ready and willing to find new ways to communicate and engage with people and the world around you? Are you willing to let go of family patterns, belief systems, programming, and so much more, that have created the blocks that hold you back? ARE YOU READY TO HAVE ME IN YOUR CORNER GUIDING YOU THROUGH THIS ENTIRE PROCESS? IF YOUR ANSWERS ARE YES, THEN THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU! Change comes through creation and we all require tools and action steps to keep us moving forward making the difficult decisions you require. It is time to face your fears, alter your perspectives and perceptions, and take ownership of your life. This program will keep you accountable! By using a combination of energy work and coaching, Tracy will help you break through your barriers. Tracy L Clark is an Inspirational Leader and Pioneer in the field of Body Regeneration. She is the Founder of The TLC Community of Extraordinary Living and Creator of The Body Regeneration Method. She is the host of  The Tracy L Clark Show and serves on ?a Global level as a Facilitator, Soul Specialist, Teacher, International Speaker, Humanitarian and Business Mentor. At the age of 26 Tracy, sold her first business to a publicly-traded company. Tracy has over 27 years of ?expertise in building her own businesses. Throughout her career, Tracy has mentored and managed people in the ?Corporate world and traveled extensively abroad for her work. Tracy is regularly invited to be a guest speaker at live events and is a mentor to many. She will help you realize your business/career goals, ?she will bring your personal relationships, your health, and your finances back into alignment. Tracy has ?mastered this in her own life and she knows how to transition it into yours. In 2005 Tracy lived a very public life as Ms. Calgary. This public role provided Tracy with the opportunity to expand in both business and charity. This experience was invaluable as Tracy was exposed to people from all walks of life, teaching her kindness, compassion, and humility at a much greater level. Tracy quickly learned to rebuild a foundation that is stronger than you can imagine. She learned how to harness the energy behind what she is creating and to utilize this energy to create a life of ease and grace. It would be her honour to pass this along to you! THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS COURSE, THIS IS A LIFE COURSE THAT WILL EFFECT EVERY AREA OF YOUR BEING! WHEN FEARS AND BLOCKS ARE REMOVED AND TRIGGERS AND TRAUMAS GO CHANGE BEGINS! This is truly the ULTIMATE energy mastery blueprint to generate a truly MIRACULOUS life. THERE IS NOTHING CANNED IN THIS PROGRAM EACH SESSION IS DIFFERENT! You have Tracy’s full attention which is hard to get in her busy world. The tools you’re going to learn in THE EVOLUTIONARY REALM came from Tracy’s personal experience of learning how to live an extraordinary life. Tracy will teach you to live this way in your personal life every day and how to create this energy and sustain it in your life on a regular basis. You don’t just get concepts in this program……you get REAL tools that you can apply immediately so you can see results.  This program is easily valued at well over $10,000 USD INVESTMENT $3777 USD ARE YOU READY TO SAY YES TO YOUR EXTRAORDINARY LIFE? SIGN UP NOW FOR THIS INCREDIBLE LIFE TRANSFORMATION ONLINE COURSE ***Payment plan option available: please visit or for further information

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