Transform Triggers Into Turn-on (Couples)

  • Wednesday, March 6, 2024
  • 6:00pm - 9:30pm
  • Energy Flow Studio, San Anselmo, CA
Transform Triggers Into Turn-on // Couples Evening Event

What if you could transform the triggers you have with your romantic partner into sexual turn-on? 

If you’re like most people in romantic partnership, you: 

  • Get turned-off by your partner’s annoying habits and ways of being, and part of you wishes they would be different
  • Don’t want to keep endlessly processing your issues, but feel like you have to in order to keep the connection
  • Want your sex life to keep expanding and growing, but if you’re honest, maybe it’s gotten a little bland
  • Or maybe you’re doing pretty well overall, but you crave a deeper level of connection with your partner, and you’re not sure what to try

This all gets compounded with kids, jobs, and busy lives—sometimes it’s all you can do just to get through each day, let alone do deep transformational work with your partner. 

Any way you slice it, it’s time to spice things up!

Welcome to the world of "Transforming Triggers Into Turn-on!"

You’ve probably tried couples therapy, and while that’s worked, you’re looking for a different way through—maybe it’s time to play your way through. 

What play? Yes, that’s right, PLAY!

When we are at odds with our partner, we want them to be different—“if they would only do / not do [enter complaint here], that would make things so much easier, and then I could feel good about our connection.” 

But what if they never change—could you live with that? 

This isn’t a process to change your partner, but to find the parts of yourself that get really triggered in relation to them, and see how that trigger is actually the seed of sexual turn-on. 

Whether you have a dynamic that is great, and could just use a little spicing up, or whether you’ve been in a long term partnership with some really tricky stuck places, this is the type of exploration that can really be an incredible journey of self and partnership exploration. 

In this playshop we’ll teach you: 

  • The ways to solve your relationship problems without processing or sweeping issues under the rug
  • How to harness the shadow energies that are arising in your relationship, and transform them into sexual turn-on
  • How to give your partner fully what they want without having to compromise yourself in the process, so you can fully get your needs met

Come to this event if you’re ready to: 

  • Explore new ways to get turned on by your partner without needing them to change 
  • Get back to that “in-love” sexy, turned-on feeling you felt when you got together, and you know is there, but it’s been hidden for a while
  • Have some profound insights into what’s stuck between you, and start to see a pathway forward that involves a hotter, more exciting connection 

Come join us on Wednesday, March 6th for an evening of play, fun and exploration into transforming your triggers with your partner into sexual turn-on! 


Jim Donovan has been a coach for 20 years, and has stepped into the world of sexual shamanism helping you transmute your shadow into fun and edgy play for greater self knowledge and connection with your partner. He will help you find the places where your shadow meets your erotic desires. Ultimately his work is about integrating the shadow for greater self expression and connection in your life and relationship. 

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