Vocal Alchemy for Chakra Clearing

  • Friday, August 18, 2023
  • 7:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Yoga Vida, Austin, TX
Vocal Alchemy for Chakra Clearing

You are welcome to join in a beautiful evening of vocal transmission right after the Leo ♌️ New moon

A bit about the landscape of this unique offering: A group collective healing vibration upon entering the space, channeled messages that will personally assist your journey, vocal toning exercises to center and align your nervous system, and so much more! This practice alchemizes and clears stagnant energies in the subtle body, aligns our chakra system, and connects mind, body, and spirit. You will leave feeling grounded and emotionally clear with a deep sense of trust in your inner wisdom.


⚡️ A multidimensional and expansive experience that leaves your feeling grounded and emotionally clear with a deep sense of trust in your inner wisdom.

⚡️ A group collective healing vibration upon entering the sacred space and receiving channeled messages and teachings that will personally assist your journey.

⚡️ Vocal toning practices to center and align your chakras, endocrine, and nervous system.

:: WHAT TO DO ::

⚡️ Please bring a pillow, yoga mat and blanket as we vibe in this healing ritual and create a sound scape to receive the wisdom of our souls. 

⚡️ Sliding scale $33-$55

⚡️ Email: michelle@michellecoutinho.com with any questions!


Want a vibe check? 

Visit this link: Soul Song Medicine


Really grateful to be offering this to the community here! Been hosting this online and at retreats but grateful for being guided to anchor this into the ATX Community at this time! 

See you on 8.18 at Yoga Vida Austin at 7:30pm ✨

Please be on time for the journey!! ⚡️



Michelle Coutinho is a Multidimensional Healer, Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Guide, and Ceremonialist that weaves ancient song into her sacred offerings. 

She helps sensitive souls and budding intuitives remember their power, heal from the oppression of societal conditioning, increase their soul aligned gifts and trust their truest selves. 

Through her Vocal Empowerment coaching, she guides men and women towards leading from the heart and remembering the interconnectedness of all things thereby anchoring more magic and wisdom on this earth. 

She works with Spirit in the most sincere + humble way and has a mission to embody and radiate healing energy through her prayers and meditations. Her transmission will remind you to "Walk as if you have wings in this world." and "Become an instrument of healing." 

Check out her weekly Vocal Alchemy attunements on Insight Timer Friday at 9am PST or on IG @michelleinfinity 




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