Whole Person Summit

  • Friday, December 11, 2020 - Sunday, December 13, 2020
Whole Person Summit
Building Bridges Beyond Barriers is a Whole Person Summit produced by Earth Walk and friends, focused on supporting people to maintain wholeness in a time of isolation, division, polarization and despair.
The Summit is a 3-day event taking place over the weekend of 10-10-2020 as a live, globally broadcasted event, with both online and offline components. The online components will include interactive Zoom functions, global broadcasts through multiple platforms, and options for breakout rooms in Zoom and other online interactive spaces. The offline components will include the option for in person, local connections and gatherings, in locations that have more than one participant in our Summit.
The weekend will consist of a colorful variety of holistic offerings, ranging from live speakers to healing ceremony, ecstatic dance to yoga, meditation to musical performances, comedy to spoken word, facilitated conscious relating practices to interviews, and more.
The Summit will be choreographed in a way where participants will be encouraged to go outside, and possibly into nature, during breaks between programs. Our presenters will be offering their gifts in a way that encourages both online and offline interactions, as a way to encourage the whole self to emerge for all of our participants. In addition, some of the participants will also have the opportunity to connect with other participants in their area during the event, to allow for a healthy mix between global, regional and local interaction.
The purpose and vision of our Whole Person Summits is to offer a taste of what the world could look like when we choose to honor all our parts when engaging in a topic of conversation or intended field of focus. Each Summit has a topic; this year we chose to address the isolation, divisiveness, polarization and despair that is so alive in our world, while focusing on ways to transform the pain into love and compassion.
The Focus of this Summit:
This year has been a wild ride. From kids in cages and the threat to build a wall along the Mexico/U.S. border, to a global pandemic (claiming the lives of many and causing a major economic downturn, shelter in place, social distancing, and a polarized mask war), to an explosion of the the Black Lives Matter movement and its cause for equality, along with a multitude of natural disasters – fires, hurricanes, and unprecedented glacier melt. And, amidst all of this, we have experienced high levels of depression, anxiety and mental illness as a result of the major pressure the events of this year have placed on all our psyches.
This summit will take a deep look at many of those societal issues that have affected us all, with the lens of how to cultivate and maintain resilience in a time of great challenge. In short, how do we maintain wholeness in a time of isolation, division, polarization, and despair? And then, even more specifically, and individually, how do we discover our role in this new world that is unfolding? It is our belief that the more each of us are in touch with our purpose, mission and role, the less fear we have to face the moment. One of the intentions of this summit is to support people on that journey, so we may all have a more vibrant and peaceful future.
With that topic as the focus:
– We will have top-notch yoga and tai chi classes that support people in moving and transforming difficult emotions, like anger, rage, grief, anxiety and beyond.
– We will have ecstatic dance focused on honoring each others’ space, how to dance with one another, and how to harness the energy that supports resilience and bold action in challenging times.
– We will have talks on how to use psychedelics in a therapeutic context, to help move heavy energies and deepen connections with others.
– We will host conscious relating practices led by prominent facilitators from around the world, to discuss some of the major issues we are currently experiencing and how to move through them with more grace and ease.
– We will teach about how the power of ritual and ceremony can transform our lives and support us to work through some of our deepest traumas and patterns.
– We will have powerful and inspirational artists, musicians, spoken word performers, and comedians.
– In addition to all the outwardly focused methods of transformation and transmutation, we will also do some internally focused programs, incorporating meditation and collective intention practices.
All in all, we will engage in various approaches toward maintaining our wholeness, serenity, vitality and courage in these very challenging times.
If so, come and join us in this powerful weekend of bliss and magic – be a beacon of wholeness in these trying times.

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