Winter Solstice Live Stream Yoga Class

  • Thursday, December 21, 2023 - Thursday, December 28, 2023
Winter Solstice Live Stream Yoga Class

Step into the light of your truth, speach/singing, wisdom, creativity, flow, and grace. 
Namaste dear soul. Friday. Dec. 22nd is the Winter Solstice, the first day of the new solar year.  It is one of the most potent times to do yoga practices to align you with the year to come! Solstices are portals where the veils of material and spiritual plane are the thinnest. It’s an extra powerful time for prayer, meditation, mantra, breath and intention. 
I would love to support you by offering a by donation Saraswati themed yoga class. Why Saraswati? 
She is the goddess of new beginnings. She embodies grace, creativity, divine wisdom, and flow state. And she is the embodiment of the sound current.    
Let’s set the intention to align with all these qualities for the coming year! 

Please join me Friday, Dec. 22nd at 7am pst/4pm cet. If you can’t make it, you can sign up and I’ll send you the replay. 

What Kind of Yoga?

Sattva Kundalini Yoga is an ever-evolving and inclusive practice of meditation, kriya, asana, movement, pranayama, radical aliveness, and timeless wisdom. It integrates the science of Hatha and Kriya Yoga from ancient lineages, incorporating purification sequencing, so each journey has a subtle cellular shift, dynamic mind-body experience, as well as a mindful meditative experience. These teachings have been shared to us by Anand Mehrotra and the Himalayan Yoga lineages. 

I focus on the bhakti element with deity themes. I incorporate specific kriyas, meditations, mantras and teachings from this tradition. Sattva Yoga is very powerful for stabilizing emotions, reducing anxiety, decreasing fear, and deep healing. It’s wonderful for cultivating joy, bliss, love, peace, stillness and a feeling of radical aliveness. 
Come experience this incredible technology to support you in facing and overcoming your fears! 

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Check out this video for a preview of Ananda Das’ offerings.



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