Women Evolving Virtual Circle

  • Sunday, October 10, 2021
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
Women Evolving Virtual Circle

Women Evolving: Time to SHINE in your brilliance!

Align with your soul mission

♡ Activate your creative power

Amplify your unique gifts

Expand your influence 

Deepen your fulfillment  

The time is now for us women who feel an inner calling to be more and do more in the world to step forward and BE who we came to be and DO what we came here to do. 

The days of hiding and playing small are over. They days of keeping our brilliance caged behind closed doors are over. The days of trepidation, doubt and fear around who we are and why we are here are over. The time has come for each one of us to step up, step out and be BOLD in our soulful expression in the world, wherever we may be called to contribute.

WE (Women Evolving) are architects of the possible. We are here to rise up as evolutionary leaders, teachers and healers ushering in a new era in our human history. WE (Women Evolving) are the innovative artists, holistic scholars, intuitive scientists, conscious athletes, intentional entertainers, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, visionary guides, spiritual mentors and expansive creatives that are on the leading-edge of individual and collective human evolution.

In the transition to the next level of our professional lives, we can sometimes feel alone and isolated in the good work we’re called to do. We can doubt ourselves and our ideas. We can get discouraged and overwhelmed by the many demands of our life. For those of us who are mothers, we can often struggle to find balance between our dedication to our family and our passion for our professional work. This is why gathering with other women on the path of personal growth and professional fulfillment can really be supportive—and it’s reason I’m hosting a 6 week Women’s Virtual Circle.

It is time to answer the call from within and be connected with other women as we each walk our unique journey while blossoming in loving community–each of us doing our own work while inspiring and supporting one another with our unique flavor of awesome.

The time is now to step more fully into our own greatness for our own fulfillment and to contribute to the greater good in our own unique way through our unique gifts and talents.

★ WE (Women Evolving) are encoded with greatness.  

★ WE (Women Evolving) have unique gifts, talents and capacities that are totally AWESOME!

★ WE (Women Evolving) are being called to rise from the fog of playing small and embrace the truth of our unique genius as we answer from within call

★ WE (Women Evolving) are being called to step into our unique role as part of the evolution of humanity

★ WE (Women Evolving) are here to stand in our own brilliance as we become the leaders, teachers and healers we are destined to be (and that the world needs!)

★ WE (Women Evolving) are here to rise up for ourselves, for our children, for each other, for our men and for our future generations.

★ WE (Women Evolving) are here to be RADICALLY committed to our own evolution and to doing as much good on the planet as we can while we’re here.

 ★ WE (Women Evolving) are meant to soar. 

We were born for these times, life molded us perfectly to fit into our unique roles… every scrape, every bruise, every sorrow, every inspired idea, every triumph and every joy has prepared us for these times…

So sister, what LIGHTS YOU UP? What are you really good at that you absolutely love? What are you naturally drawn to? In what ways do you contribute through your work? What inspires and nourishes you? How do you love helping people? What’s the next level for you? What’s calling you now? 

In our 6 week Women Evolving Virtual Circle, we will get clear on what is calling you at this time, what obstacles may be getting in your way (and dissolving them) and what your next steps are so you can align with your soul mission, activate and amplify your creative power and cultivate your many gifts as you step into your unique role to DO what you came here to do and BE who you came here to be. 

Our world needs YOU Smart + Soulful Woman to step into your greatness and SHINE in your brilliance! 

The container of our nourishing women’s circle will activate your soulful genius, inspire your heart’s vision and support you in moving to the next level of your precious and powerful journey as the beautiful and brilliant woman you are who is called to do so much good in the world through the depth of your heart, the brilliance of your mind and the beauty of your spirit. 

We only have space for 12 fabulous women who feel the inner calling and are ready to go to the next level in their journey of personal fulfillment and creative contribution through their unique gifts and talents. I want to ke our circle small and intimate so every woman can get lots of personalized coaching and support throughout our journey together. Every week we explore an enriching topic with interactive practices along with lots of personal reflecting and sharing time to maximize the process of building awareness and growing in insight, direction and clarity.  

Join us for the Fall cohort, starting October 10, 2021. 

Total investment $495

(10% of your ticket goes to a girls and women’s empowerment organization)

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See you on the inside! 

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