Group Transcendation

  • Sunday, August 7, 2022
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
  • Zoom, Malibu, CA
Women’s Transcendation

Transcendation is a synthesis of many transformational practices and methods, in addition to being a uniquely and divinely revealed modality.


TRANSCENDATION = “Transcending” (to rise above or go beyond; exceed; pass beyond), + “Celebration” (to perform a religious ceremony; to participate in an uninhibited good time), a profound opportunity for life-changing spiritual work.  We progress through personal blocks in a group setting, uncovering hidden self-knowledge and gaining true clarity.


Transcendation begins with intention–the reason/motivation for our desire to transform.  There is an undeniable power in stating our intentions aloud, in a safe, supportive environment. After our intentions are shared (and possibly clarified), we begin exploring.  This can be at times exhilarating, terrifying, enthralling, monotonous, neutral, repetitive, glorious, and frequently: all of the above.  

Suggested Exchange: $25

Zelle:  310-920-1068


Zoom link:


OPTIONAL: You can send your intention in writing to to begin the magic before the day of the event!

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