Workshop: Stop Being Triggered, Feel Peace

  • Sunday, May 5, 2024
  • 11:00am - 3:00pm
  • Sound Healing Sanctuary , Scottsdale , AZ
Workshop: Stop Being Triggered, Feel Peace

The term "triggered" refers to the experience of having an emotional reaction to behavior or action of others.

A trigger comes from within, that can be a memory plus a physical pain, or an emotion, such as an emotional reaction to an abusive partner from the past.

Do you:

– resist, react to other’s behavior and get angry or upset and don’t know why and what to do with it?

–  get triggered easily?

– tired of engaging in conflict?

– blame others or yourself?

–  see patterns of your reaction?

Join us, see and transform inner strong emotional negative charges, receive clarity.

We will share wisdom (30%) and Quantum practices (70%).

Whatever you get triggered, it’s never about others or the situation, it’s always about you. :-)

Every time you don’t accept another person’s behavior or action, or you triggered; you need to go within and find a charge ( condensed emotional energy/ pain from previous similar events from the past).

The emotional body reacts…
Behind every irritation, frustration, anger or hatred you feel, you will find a chain of events… the most important thing is to find the first event in childhood ( usually) and transform that energy.

We will do:
•    Divine love and grace energy transmission
•    grounding and reconnecting with Higher Self
•    find what bothers you and specific triggers patterns
•    Quantum practice to transform the most strong first charge, which created patterns
•    Quantum Self love practice
You will:
•    receive clarity
•    feel love and peace
•    feel more confident
•    feel powerful

Eternal love and gratitude,
Helena Prana

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