World Healing Meditation Online Training

  • Tuesday, July 2, 2024
  • 7:00pm
World Healing Meditation Online Training

It is more important now than ever before that we include the wellbeing of the world in the sphere of our meditation practice, and hold the collective in the awareness of our heart.

The World Healing Meditation offers a practical way of assisting humanity – and the Earth as a whole – through times of crisis.

The World Healing Meditation is founded upon the principle of the law of resonance –  the understanding that we can positively affect the world around us through the internal choices we make, and the vibrational state of our mind-body field.  It offers a practice of deep presencing, which includes the transmission of love-light-essence, and it is fully respectful of free-will. It does not impose outcomes, but instead provides a resonant space of awareness in which those situations that are ready to be transformed can be supported in that process.

The World Healing Meditation Online Training is a two-hour live event that offers an introduction to the full-length meditative practice, which can be used individually or in a group setting. It is accompanied by a short practice, known as Thirty Seconds for Peace that can be used throughout our daily lives.

The host for the event, Helen White Wolf, trained in Earth Healing in the 1980’s, and has more than thirty-five years of experience in facilitating group meditation.

The World Healing Meditation Thirty Seconds for Peace assist us in connecting with the true nature of our being, helping to restore coherence between the world of our daily awareness and the deeper levels of reality.

This process is simultaneously both individual and collective. It includes the recognition and transformation of all expressions of suffering that we might encounter: abuse, violence, neglect, and lack, no matter how extreme or intractable they appear to be.

Through practicing immersion in non-dual awareness while remaining present to our shared pain, we assist the entrainment of that suffering back into peace, both in ourselves and in the collective field of humanity. The practice of presence harmonises our emotions, evokes our innate compassion, and transforms the very foundation of our physical reality. This inner process has the capacity to positively transform our shared timelines, through supporting the fruition of the deepest love-potentials already present inside each and every experience.

The inspiration behind Thirty Seconds for Peace has come from three places: Earth Healing Meditation and Transmission, the principles taught by Joel Goldsmith, and the meditation initiative known as the Silent Minute.  

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