A special message from Lynne

“I’ve been studying the art and science of intention for many years – from Intention masters and pioneer scientists, and after carrying out my own Intention Experiments. What I have discovered is that whatever we send out into the universe comes back to us, magnified.”

“I’ve worked with hundreds of large and small groups over the years, and I’ve developed unique ways to help people to use their thoughts to heal longstanding conditions, mend their relationships, improve their finances or careers, and even rekindle their life’s purpose. So, if you’ve tried and failed to use intention in your life, spend this life-transforming week with me.”

“You’ll learn special techniques to use intention to zero in on your goals, hone your intuition, heal your relationships and avoid negative intention (your own and others’.) “Bryan and I have perfected a means of helping you to overcome ways that you sabotage your own goals with unconscious negative intention from your past. Together, we will help you to end the misfired intentions that are preventing you from manifesting your ideals.”

“The weekend with us will reveal another great untold truth: the moment you get off of yourself and start intending for others, you get doubly rewarded and your own dreams will come true. I’ll show you, as I’ve shown thousands of others, the miraculous power you hold inside of you to heal your own life, which gets unleashed the moment you stop thinking about yourself.”

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